Friday, 31 July 2009

Seahawks & Curry still negotiating

Training camp is under way for the Seattle Seahawks with one notable absentee - first round draft pick Aaron Curry. The associated press are reporting that an agreement is yet to be reached, with the linebackers' agent apparently holding out for a similar guaranteed sum recently awarded to Jets QB Mark Sanchez ($27m). The report goes on to say that Seattle are unwilling to pay this amount:

"The Seahawks think top quarterback deals are inherently richer and do not apply."

Some stats to bare in mind here. Chris Long (2nd overall, 2008) signed a $56.5m contract with $29m guaranteed. Darren McFadden (4th overall, 2008) inked a $60m deal with the Raiders with $26m guaranteed. Terrell Suggs recently signed a $63m contract to make him the highest paid linebacker in the NFL.

Seattle may not want to pay Aaron Curry $27m in guarantees, but they probably have little choice if they want him in camp any time soon.


Patrick said...

Ugh, what a terrible feeling to watch Aaron Curry not be part of training camp. I really hope an agreement is reached soon.

Rob Staton said...

I hope so too Patrick, the Seahawks need Curry in camp as soon as possible. As long as a deal is reached in the next couple of days, no harm done.

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