Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Year of the Tebow

Even at this early stage, it seems clear that the 2010 NFL Draft will be known as the year of the Tebow. Throughout the college football season right up until next April's event we'll be locked in an endless debate about Tebow's draft stock, whether he can convert to the pro-game and question his throwing mechanics.

Perhaps more importantly, we'll be asking whether he's a future Seattle Seahawk.

Dennis Dodd from CBS Sportsline firmly believes the much discussed QB will lead Florida to another national title, whilst in the process enhancing his chances of being a top pick next year.

"Tebow is one of the best ever. Go ahead, get it over with. Stick a finger down your throat and self induce if you must. Yeah, here we go again. We first got into this subject the day before the BCS title game eight months ago.

Nothing has happened to dispute that assertion. No scandal. No erosion of skills. Just come back with me to Atlantic City seven months ago when Tebow and his brothers were in town for the Maxwell Award ceremonies. With a night to kill and nothing to do, Team Tebow did what any red-blooded set of brothers would do.

They sat in their room and played "Catch Phrase." It's an electronic game about the size of a swollen hockey puck. It's great for family gatherings and dinner parties. But for a free night in Atlantic City?

Before it was over, the Tebows had a Catch Phrase entourage that included their body guard. Drink of choice: Bottled water.
-Dennis Dodd, CBS Sportsline

It's well publicised what the Seahawks look for with their draft picks. Stayed in school, big programme, solid production with great character.

Or for short... Tim Tebow.

I have to confess, I'm a fan. I like to see passion in sport and watching Tebow just makes you want the guy to win. Tebow seems to understand the link between fan and superstar whilst appreciating the talent's he's gifted with.

But like a lot of people, I also have reservations about Tebow's ability to adapt to the NFL. Those throwing mechanics will need to be worked on. He has a big arm but can it deliver when pressured by big, fast NFL defensive lineman charging towards him?

Can he adapt to playing in a conventional offense? Personally, I think the best he can hope for is to be that Ben Roethlisberger 'air it out' type. I'm not sure he'll be able to manage a game and keep teams guessing, rather than fall back onto that arm.

At the same time, I respect the opinion I often hear as a counter. The guy is a flat out winner with the right attitude. If anyone can learn a system, my money is on Tebow. His whiter than white personality might not be the kind of thing you look for from a drinking buddy, but isn't it just what you want from your teams franchise quarter back?

This guy will work harder than anyone. He'll be a prominent member of the community and he'll earn the respect from his teammates, probably even as a rookie.

The questions becomes - do the pro's outweigh the con's?

Here's my thought - and it's terribly early to start making predictions about next year's draft but we have plenty of time to kill until then.

Tebow will be a first round pick and he'll go higher than a lot of people think.

Someone somewhere will take a chance. It'll be an expensive gamble, with no guarantees other than the fact Tebow will give it his all.

Would you like to see Tebow in Seahawk blue one day? Does owning two first round picks next year provide a better platform to spend such a high choice on someone like Tebow? Can he adapt to the pro-game or is he too big a project?

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Mind of no mind said...

I'd be okay with it if we got him as a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but hearing that he could be a top 10 pick, I want no part of that. I still think he'll likely be another Marques Tuiasosopo. He was a 2nd round pick that Oakland really liked because he was a winner, but it really hasn't panned out for him in the NFL.

Tampa Curt said...

I see him every week and the guy know how to get it done. I really think he is going to surprise a lot of teams. Just keep an open mind as we all watch him this year.

NW Pride said...

The guy has a lot of heart, and I am a true believer that heart can get you farther in life than talent. I am hesitant to bet the farm on him, because I have not watched enough of him to know for sure, but if he can lead Florida to another champion win or big bowl game he will have my undivided attention. He seems to have respect for the game and his teammates, and an eagerness to learn. He is also the last guy to point the finger at his team or teammate if something goes wrong, and I respect that. He could have gone in this year’s week QB draft class and made some big money, but the fact that he didn’t, shows a lot about his character. The more I think about it, the more I like and respect the guy, but I am glad we have another college year to see him play to determine his strengths and weaknesses. I am just so freaking happy we have 2 first round picks. We are bound to get a stud out of one of the 1st rounders regardless if it’s Tebow, Mays, or anybody else. Thanks Denver, and Josh McIdiot (aka: I will be coaching in Canada soon)

Patrick said...

I would absolutely love for Tim Tebow to be in a Seattle Seahawks jersey this time next year. I am firm believer in his ability, and honestly, he is the kind of person I would like to see on our team. He could ideally sit behind Hasselbeck for however many years Matt has left, and then I'm sure he would be ready.

truehawk said...

Yes, he will be a winner in the NFL if given an opportunity. I believe that intangiables are the most important parts for an NFL QB to have. He may not be the best in the league, but you dont need to be.
The team will respect him and follow him and having the other 51 guys behind your QB is the key in the NFL. You just need your guys to believe in you that you can get it done on Sunday.

As far as mechanics, I dont really think that will hurt him in the NFL. He can make throws and is fairly accurate from what I have seen. It doesnt have to be pretty like Carson, it just needs to get there on time! Look at Peyton Mainning, I dont think the guy has ever thrown a perfect spiral, but he gets it done.
Also, Tebow is a hard worker and will be the first guy in and last guy out of the office every day. That will be where he makes his progress.
Probably not a starter week one as a rook, but could be a guy that sits and learns for a year and then gets a shot.
Some guys just have "it" and he has "it" in my opinion.
Plus he is tough. You ave to love a tough guy running your offense. He will be a lot like Ben Roth and be hard to take down and will make plays.

Rob Staton said...

Some interesting opinions so far, thanks guys.

There are clearly things about Tebow, the intagibles, which make him such an intriguing prospect. You just know Tebow will buy into whichever franchise he joins, he'll work hard and he'll lead by example.

However, I do have reservations about his mechanics. It's not so much a case of 'not looking pretty' as getting there at all. I've seen a lot of deep passes that just hang in the air and stand up, or poorly thrown balls (not to mention he takes an age to release the ball). For Florida it didn't tend to matter because the talent they had on offense and the difficulty of game planning them papered over some of the cracks.

In the NFL, I think the best he can hope for is to be a Ben Roethlisberger type who can perhaps run a bit more and use that gimmick. However, his action would neat a complete overhaul because he takes so long to release. He needs to be sharper, it needs to get out asap and it needs to be bullet quick reactions.

Now, he has an arm. That's a start. If you can overhaul the mechanics and try and get that quicker, more direct release, he has a shot. He wouldn't be a rookie starter (at QB anyway) so you'd have time. With good coaching, Tebow would be a project worth working on.

However, he'd need time. Anyone who takes him early, might not feel they can give him that time.

Patrick said...

I could be completely wrong about this, but to me Ruskell seems like the kind of guy who would be willing to let Tebow wait a few years. If the Deion Branch trade has shown anything, it's that Ruskell can be patient if he thinks that over time his investment will be worth it. I do love the fact that Tebow just screams Ruskell pick. Also, having 2 first round picks really does help. If we can use Denver's hopefully top 16 pick on Tebow and then use our own hopefully bottom 16 pick on either a RB or Safety, I think that would be perfect.

Rob Staton said...

Part of me certainly wonders if, with two first rounders, it affords the team a greater flexibility to draft a guy like Tebow should he receive a first round grading.

It's difficult to specify what areas of the team may need to be targeted in next year's draft. I'm sure many fans will ask for a safety like Mays or a playmaking offensive talent (although it appears a thin year at the offensive skill positions).

However (and it's still very early) it certainly looks to me like the greatest quality could come amongst the defensive line next year. So much can change between now and then, but if it did prove to be the case - I'd be surprised if the Seahawks didn't use one of their picks on that area. Elite defensive lineman are so difficult to find. Even with the additions of Redding and Cole (not to mention last year's drafting of Lawrence Jackson), finding another pass rusher (and possible successor to Kerney) or a stud DT may be too good to pass. The way Jim Mora wants his defense to function puts tremendous responsibility on the D-line to create the pass rush, freeing the linebackers to make plays.

I'm sure we'll have plenty of discussions like this over the next year!

Jason said...

I would love to have Tebow on the team, but I think we are speculating way too early on the outcome of Mike Teel as a possible future replacement for Hass. If the Hawks leadership receives any positive output from Teel over the pre-season it could genuinely sway them from even taking a QB next year.

Viewing some of the early 2010 mock drafts is getting me excited over next year's prospect of having two 1st rounders though. Most of them seem to lean towards us using Denver's pick on either Mays or Berry, 2 of the best safeties to come out in awhile.

Rob Staton said...

I have reservations about taking a safety that early. Mays is a unique physical specimen but it's hard to really get a good reading on just how good (or bad) he is because he plays so deep for USC. He's barely relevant in most games. Will the physical qualities translate to playmaking ability, or is essentially going to be a linebacker playing out of position?

Berry is a true ball hawk but again, I have some reservations. We've seen him make many great plays at college level, but I'm not sure that will translate to the NFL. Call it a hunch.

I've seen mocks tipping both to be top 10 picks. In some cases, they're in the top 5. I'll be surprised if both go that early.

NW Pride said...

I agree that we are jumping the gun, and SO much can change this college season to determine who will be top draft picks, but it sure is exciting to know we have double the fun next draft. I like the thought that we will be solid enough with Matt to give Tebow a few years on the bench to develop. QB's need to know the entire offense perfectly and throwing a rookie QB in the NFL from the get go seems to fail more than it succeeds.

Rob makes a good point about our needs NOW, but that as well can, and more than likely will change throughout the season. A great RB, and QB seem to be the top choice to some, but it could be a OL, DB, DT, or DE. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what we need, but what’s the best talent at the pick.

I hope Teel is the hidden diamond, but I still have that sour taste in my mouth of the pre Mike H. era where we never had a solid QB. I don’t want another washed up Warren Moon, Dan McGuire bust, mediocre John K., etc. Look at the Vikings for example. They have every making of a Superbowl team, but don’t have the QB to run the show. Unless you have a Baltimore Defense back in the day, and an offense that can at least protect the ball and get a few yards here and there your team can’t go the full distance.

Some of us are thinking way, way, in the future, but it sure is fun as hell knowing we have two picks next year and it appears to be a talented group to pick from. Fail Broncos, Go Hawks!!!

Patrick said...

Ironically, the latest issue of SI has Tim Tebow on the cover. The story itself sheds light on what kind of guy he is off the field. I've heard this for years, and even before reading this article, I can honestly say part of why I want to see him in a Seahawks uniform is because he really does come off as a terrific guy and a tremendous leader. I love the fact that Seattle has a lot of "Ruskell-Type" guys and I think Tebow would be a terrific addition. His skill-set and ability is a different story, but he certainly does earn points for character, and in the NFL, that is a very underrated thing

Rob Staton said...

I'll be posting some more stuff about Tebow over the weekend. Some interesting thoughts I found from Rob Rang, Mel Kiper and John Gruden on Tebow. I found it perhaps most surprising that Gruden loved Tebow so much - he hates rookies especially rookie QB's.

Tebow is going to divide opinion for months ahead. It's going to be a debate that just won't go away and will dominate the 2010 draft.

Anonymous said...

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