Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Anyone for some mocks?

Thought I'd put out some premature mock drafts doing the rounds. Obviously at this incredibly early stage the draft orders are opinion based projections, but it's interesting to see if only to see how other fans are rating the Seahawks heading into 2009. Let me know what you think to this collection of mocks in the comments section, or email

Walter Cherepinsky thinks the Seahawks will win the NFC West and earn a pick 21st overall. He's not so high on the Broncos however, meaning the Seahawks also own a pick in the top five. He predicts Seattle will take Eric Berry (S, Tennessee) and Jonathan Dwyer (RB, Georgia Tech).

Matt McGuire thinks Denver will end up with the second worst record in the NFL next year, gifting the Seahawks the second overall pick. They take Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma) and add Brandon La Fell (WR, LSU) 16th overall as the offense gets an injection of youth.

Draft Tek has given itself a trendy make over during the off season and continues to use sophisticated software to project its mock draft. The Seahawks are picking 8th and 13th overall, grabbing Gerald McCoy (DT, Oklahoma) and Ciron Black (OT, LSU).

Bronco Madness is worth checking out considering Seattle owns one of Denver's first round picks in 2010. They have that pick at #15 where the Seahawks select Jevon Snead (QB, Ole Miss). They add Trevard Lindley (CB, Kentucky) three picks later.

NE Patriots Draft aren't particularly high on Seattle or Denver's prospects for 2009. The consequence? To two top ten picks next year for the Seahawks in their mock. Seattle use the early picks to add a pair of lineman - Bryan Bulaga (OT, Iowa) and Carlos Dunlap (DE, Florida).

NFL Draft Experts have the Seahawks picking at #6 and #15. They take Eric Berry (S, Tennessee) with the pick from Denver and Demarco Murray (RB, Oklahoma) in the mid teens. Both prospects are underclassmen, so won't necessarily declare for the 2010 draft.

DK Sports have the Seahawks making a post season run this year, earning the 25th overall pick. Paired with the 11th overall pick from Denver, they take Eric Berry (a popular pick for the Seahawks so far) and C.J. Spiller (RB, Clemson). Spiller is one of my 'ten for 2010' to keep an eye on this year.

Draft Zoo projects the Seahawks to be picking at #11 and #24. I've saved the best till last, because personally I think this mock offers the best overall judgement considering the early stage in proceedings. I like the look of the top ten picks in particular, although so much can change between now and next April. Seattle take Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma) and C.J. Spiller (RB, Clemson).


Patrick said...

As early as it is, it still makes me very excited to see these mock drafts. Well... except for the one that had Seattle earning a top 10 pick. I think at this point I would just be excited for Tebow, Bradford, or McCoy to go to Seattle, and for what it's worth, I think drafting a RB would be more beneficial for us then drafting a WR 1st round. If anything though, I have a feeling we might need some offensive line help so I wouldn't be upset if we drafted a QB, followed by maybe a LT.

deathbytalons said...

I think Walter's is useally pretty good and I like the way they think. That said I have four alternate scenarios that are my faves:

1. first pick number #3 (Denver)
Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
second pick number #23
Jonathan Dwyer, RB, G-Tech
(win now scenario)

2. first pick number #8 (Denver)
Eric Berry, S, Tenn.
second pick number #15
Nmadakong Suh, DT, Nebraska
(building the defensive dynasty scenario)

3. first pick number #10 (Denver)
Jevan Sneadm, QB, Ole Miss
second pick number #16 (trade to get 3rd rounder back) now #23
Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa
(rebuild key positions scenario)

I almost substituted Suh for Carlos Dunlap but the last few DE's that came from Florida have'nt amounted to much, so I'm not feeling it. Suh looks, sounds and has the feel of the 'it' guy at DT....if there is such a thing and he's from my home town (Portland, Or).

deathbytalons said...

Sorry I meant three scenarios....

Bruce M. said...

If Suh IS the "it" guy at DT, he will not last until pick 15, unfortunately. The NFL doesn't let true impact DTs out of college drop that far. We'll have to be at least top 10, and maybe top 5, to get him if he has a good year in '09.

And with Mebane and Cole, with Bryant behind them, not sure we'd go that way, anyway, notwithstanding our "best player available" philosophy....

He sure looks good in the clips I've seen, though.

Rob Staton said...

Patrick - with regard to the LT situation, I think often the failings of an offensive line or a lack of depth leads to suggestions of needing a LT. My personal opinion (and some will disagree) is that Locklear's skill set actually suites LT more than RT. In a zone blocking scheme, a pairing of Locklear and Willis at tackle I'd actually be comfortable with.

However, despite the drafting of Max Unger I think we have serious issues in the interior. Losing Wahle is a huge blow and guys like Sims, Wrotto etc have to step up this year. Whether it's free agency or the draft, the Seahawks have to get better at the interior line positions.

deathbytalons - I like Suh enough even at this early stage to admit I'd be surprised if he lasted to #15 next year. The man is hugely talented, if he maintains his 2008 form this year he'll be a near certain top five pick (as long as he stays healthy and his character checks out). I think Jonathan Dwyer is one of the underclassman to keep an eye on. What I've seen of him, albeit briefly, is very very good. He's a big back with blistering speed, the kind of big playmaker Seattle perhaps lack on offense. Good shout.

Bruce M - Even though there appears to be depth on the defensive line this year, I still think the Seahawks will be keen to add to the DL given a chance in next year's draft. I've read a lot of articles this week from training camp talking about how Seattle are building their defense around the three linebackers. I think that's a little short sighted (although it may not be my position to make that statement) because the schemes Seattle will use under Mora puts 100% reliance on the front four to create pressure. Essentially, the LB's will only function to their full capability if the guys in front of them create enough pressure.

Patrick Kerney will be 33 this year, Cory Redding is on a one year deal. Tapp is a free agent next year. Mebane has turned into a much under rated NFL tackle, but the rest at DT have something to prove.

I firmly believe to get the best out of the blueprint Ruskell and Mora have set out for the defense, they need the DL to be almost elite. It's shaping up to be a particularly good draft at defensive line, so they could well take advantage. To bring in a stud DE or DT, regardless of performance this year, would be a wise move for me - even if on paper there are perhaps bigger needs elsewhere.

germpod said...

I love mock drafts, I look at them all year. I just wish they would reconize Tim Ruskell's draft history and his strong tendencies to draft strong charater seniors from big schools. I hated it when they had Andre Smith, B.J. Raji, or Vonte Davis in the Hawks slot.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

OL and RB please..

germpod said...

The positions of need as I see them: OL, RB, QB, and CB. Good thing we have four picks in the first three rounds. Safety is also a need, but I think that one is easier to fill in free agency then the other four.

Bob said...

Huh, I agree with most of them. Good mocks all around.

Drew said...

i love seeing the mock drafts even though im very excited for this up and coming season. i feeel like with denvers pick assuming its gonna be alot better then ours we should take a QB or safety. its a tough choice cuz their isnt many eric berry taylor mays out their. i feel hassellbeck has at least 2 more years help after this one. so im leaning on using that pick on a freak like mays or berry. with our own pick we have to get a LT. with one of these picks we ahve to get a LT or a super good offensive linemen. someone like russell Okung, Bryan Bulaga, Trent William, charles brown, Ciron Black. there will be someone there at around 20ish. whats really killing me is what havent got anything with our 1st round picks in for ever spencer... jennings... tubbs.... and now lawrence jackson has put up like we thought. we have back first round picks making our franchise set back years. we need a RB CB QB LT S. but im a seahawks fan and always have faith love curry tho a ton

Drew said...

we really havent had a great pick since hutchinson in 2001. but trufant was good in 2003 but hurt now