Sunday, 16 August 2009

Gone Fishing!

I'm flying out to Florida tomorrow for a two week vacation. I'm taking my computer with me so there's a chance I'll do some blogging when I have time, but take this as a prior warning if the updates slow down a bit.

Great to see the 'Hawks start the pre-season with a win last night and even better to see some of the rookies create an early impression. Let's hope it continues in the next game against Denver.

I'll also take this opportunity to thank those of you who continue to visit the blog and join in the debates. It's greatly appreciated and I love getting emails, comments and feedback from all of you.

So... anyone know the weather forecast for Orlando?


Patrick said...

Alright Rob! Welcome to Orlando! I go to school at the University of Central Florida located here in Orlando. It is still pretty hot here but it's been raining most afternoons. There are currently 2 tropical formations out there to keep an eye on (Anna and Bill) but it looks like neither is headed in our direction. We unfortunetly may get some rain from the outer bands next week. Either way, Hope you have a great trip!

Oh, and maybe it was just me, but I was incredibly impressed with our defensive line yesterday. I definitely think out biggest need right now, even more than RB, is our secondary defense. Honestly, I know it's early but Eric Berry is looking better and better

Rob Staton said...

Hi Patrick, I won't land until tomorrow so just killing time right now. As long as we get a bit of sun I'll be very happy! I'm also doing a bit of work on a world title boxing fight in Fort Lauderdale so very excited about that.

I was also impressed with the D-line and I think we're starting to see what kind of defense Jim Mora is going to implement. However, I still maintain that with so much emphasis being place on the DL now that you can never have too many good defensive lineman. This time next year Kerney will be another year older, Cory Redding hits free agency as does Darryl Tapp. It looks like it could be a great year for DL'ers so personally, I wouldn't be surprised if they went in that direction.

The secondary will really depend on Trufant getting healthy. It's a little concerning that we hear so little about when he'll be back, sounds a bit Hasselbeck esque from last year and could be worse than they're letting on. If he starts, with Lucas and Wilson working the other side, I'll think we'll be ok. Deon Grant is above average at SS and although many people criticise Brian Russell, I certainly don't think he alone holds back the defense.

Having said that, Eric Berry is a very exciting prospect and if he has another great year and decides to declare, he might be on the Seahawks radar. Personally I think he might stay in school, which kind of eliminates the debate. Ruskell has also shown a tendency to favor seniors in round one. Of course so much can happen between now and next April, lest we forget this time last year Aaron Curry had just received a third round grading from the draft panel.