Friday, 7 August 2009

The real McCoy?

One discussion point I find fascinating heading into the 2009 college football season is the quandary regarding Colt McCoy's draft stock. Look most places and you'll see him ranked as a top prospect, the number one ranked senior QB and a probably first round pick. Look elsewhere however and you'll find a very different assessment.

Rob Rang from CBS Sportsline ranks McCoy as his 10th best senior:

"A more polished passer than Tim Tebow (76.7 completion percentage last season) and nearly as mobile, the baby-faced Colt could prove a thoroughbred in the race to be the first senior quarterback selected in 2010."

Gil Brandt has him behind Florida's Tebow, but a close second:

"He has above average running ability. He is a five-year player who has gotten a lot stronger since coming to Texas. McCoy has been well coached by Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis. He will be a top-10 pick as a quarterback in the 2010 draft."

On the other hand, Matt McGuire at has a very different opinion:

"Colt McCoy is the next over hyped collegiate quarterback who really doesn't have much of a chance in the NFL. He won't stretch a defense in the NFL and the system makes him look far better than he is at Texas. McCoy is a great college quarterback, but simply isn't an NFL mold. He's a projected fifth-to-seventh-round prospect."

Walter Cherepinsky thinks McCoy will be a first round choice, but only by default:

"Colt McCoy shouldn't be a first-round pick, but something tells me that (Denver Broncos HC) Josh McDaniels is going to envision him as "his guy." After all, McDaniels' flawless offensive system requires quarterbacks to make really short passes and play out of the shotgun."

We'll leave the final word with College Talent Scout's Kyle Rota:

"McCoy looks skinny out there, which isn't good. He has okay height, and can tuck it and run well enough - he'll be a mobile passer, not a running QB at the next level. The offense he plays in has to be a concern, because so many of his passes don't go more than 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. He looks to be accurate and has decent mechanics, but that is something that is hard to tell from a quick look."

"The big question is his arm strength. I saw some impressive short zip on a couple throws, so my current opinion is that it's not horrendous. However, I've heard from a couple people I respect that we're talking about a terribly weak arm. Right now, I'd call him a fourth round pick, but that could change dramatically. I would say however that I'd be shocked if he made it into the first."

How do you rate McCoy? Is he first round material, or does he have a lot to prove in 2009? Does he belong on my list of ten to watch for 2010?

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Misfit said...

Who does belong on your list is Eric Berry. A former scout that I know calls him the 'best player in the SEC'. He is probably the best Safety to come along since Sean Taylor. He can cover and hit.

I love Spiller, but also Dwyer from Georgia Tech and Best from Cal.

Mr Fish said...

Does Cherepinsky not know that the Broncos traded their first-round pick to the Seahawks?

McDaniels might indeed want to draft McCoy, but he won't get to unless he trades back into the first round.

Rob Staton said...

Misfit - I've only included seniors on the list and Berry is a junior in 2009. The only reason being, we can't be sure underclassmen will declare. Berry is very determined to complete a dentistry degree, he's even working at a practise this summer in Georgia. I'm not sure if he'll declare before his senior year or at least until he graduates, although another year of huge production will make it very tempting.

Mr Fish - Denver own Chicago's first round pick in 2010. They traded Jay Cutler for 1st round picks in 2009 and 2010. They spent one of those picks on Robert Ayers this year, and still retain Chicago's choice next April. They gave us their own first round choice in 2010.

Patrick said...

I am a fan of McCoy. After Tim Tebow he is my #2 choice for a QB if Seattle chose to go that route. I think what I like about McCoy is that he really didn't have very many offensive weapons last year. He didn't have a Crabtree or a Percy Harvin to throw to but he still got it done. In the one game they lost last year against Texas Tech, he still put up a tremendous game and it even looked like he was leading his team back for a victory. Also, Texas really did not have a running game at all last year. It really reminds me of the Indianapolis Colts this past year, how Peyton Manning held the team on his shoulders. Colt McCoy made Texas contenders on offense, really thanks to his talent and ability.

On a side note, I'm hearing from various sources that neither Jeff Rowe or Mike Teel are looking very good in camp. At first it seemed like the word on Teel was good but it seems like its going downhill. Although I know it is way too early to give up hope on him, do you think this lackluster performance could cause Seattle to consider a QB next year? I mean if he plays poorly in preseason, do you think they would really be willing to wait on him to develop?

Mr Fish said...

Thanks for correcting me on that. Rob!

I don't think McCoy will fall to #25.

But I also don't think that the Bears pick will be that late in the round (because I don't think Cutler is going to have the impact most people are expecting). So maybe McDaniels will get a chance to take McCoy after all.

Rob Staton said...

Patrick - I would be surprised if the Seahawks had any real expectations for Teel. If they were thinking they need a long term answer at QB six months ago, they were thinking that after the draft and they're thinking it now.

He was a 6th round flier that you bring to camp and see how things go. If he beats out Jeff Rowe then he'll hold a clipboard for a year, but he's light years away from being anything like a potential starter.

I'm not going to write him off on this week of practise, but then my expectations are that like most late round QB's, he won't make the grade. I hope I'm wrong, but the Hasselbeck's and Brady's of this world are the exception not the rule.

I think it comes down to this: Tim Ruskell knows what kind of prospect he wants this franchise to be based on. Rest assured that the guy he eventually picks as his franchise QB will be Ruskell's methodology personified. It's one of the reasons why I think he might be interested in Tim Tebow - he's also a fan of big production and Tebow is right up there in that sense. If he can see past the mechanical issues and the slow release (or at least be willing to work on those) then that could be an option. With two first round picks in 2010, Seattle certainly has ammunition to target whoever they really want.

He's als not afraid to make a big decision (see cutting Shaun and moving on from Holmgren), so he won't be sentimental with Matt and he'll likely be aggressive finding a successor. For all we know, the next Seahawks franchise QB might be on another team's roster right now.

However, I think sooner or later he'll address the QB position. Hasselbeck won't last forever and any young QB will need time (especially if it was a guy like Tebow). This time next year the situation should be a lot clearer.

Rob Staton said...

Mr Fish - I find it quite interesting that opinion on McCoy, like Tebow, is so polarised.

I trust Kyle Rota on draft talk probably more than anyone and he's saying that, as things stand today, he'd get a 4th round grading. He's not alone in holding that opinion. On the other hand, guys like Rob Rang and Gil Brandt (trusted sources) think McCoy is a shoe in for round one. From what I've seen of McCoy, I'd agree with both to an extent. He doesn't seem to have a huge arm, which will probably hurt his stock. But at the same time, he didn't have great weapons at Texas. He carried the team on his back and almost went unbeaten last year. He out-shot Sam Bradford and the Sooners funky offense with all their tools. His performance against Texas Tech would have won him the Heisman had it not been for Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree.

In the right offense, he could work. Give him lots of 4WR sets, let him play shotgun, let him throw a lot of short passes, let him move around a bit. As always, it only takes one team to like the guy enough to make him a first round pick.

Mr Fish said...

One thing's for sure: Seahawks fans will have a lot of reasons to watch college football this year.

I'm not sold on Bradford, Tebow or McCoy. But they have a whole season to win me over, and I'm going to watch them every chance I get.

That goes for Taylor Mays too, btw. I'm not convinced that he's the real deal either.

Rob Staton said...

With Mays, I just hope we get the chance to properly scout him. If he continues to play so far behind the LOS, we won't know anymore than we already do - that physically he's awesome and that's about it. In all honestly, I'm not sure he'll get many chances because hardly any teams throw deep on USC.

It's easy to see why Seahawks fans like Mays. He's from Seattle, Brian Russell isn't particularly popular. As of today, I don't think he'll end up being a top 10 pick like people are predicting right now, but he's one to keep an eye on. If he matches those physical stats with big play production, he will be a top pick.

Mind of no mind said...

Isn't Ruskell in a contract year? I think you're right on in your assessment of Ruskell, but I wonder what his status is on getting a contract extention. If the Seahawks have another down year, we might have a new GM next year with a whole new drafting philosophy. Although personally, I like Ruskell and hope he gets an extention.

Seth H. said...

Rob-If you don't have Mays as a top 10 pick, does that mean you think the Raiders will actually win more than 5 games?

Rob Staton said...

Mind of no Mind - I'd be very surprised if Ruskell was not offered an extension, even if the team suffers another 4-12 nightmare. The fact he's just appointed his own head coach buys him time whatever happens in 2009.

Seth - it's a fair point regarding the Raiders! Al Davis loves taking defensive backs in the draft. He also loves work out warriors with speed. Let's pencil Mays in now as a Raider!

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