Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mel Kiper, Seattle and Rodney Hudson

By Rob Staton
Mel Kiper has been taking a look at all the teams' efforts this off season as we build up towards training camp. His review of the Seahawks is favorable, praising the new regime's determination to improve competition by bringing in fresh faces (particularly at defensive end). However, Kiper made one point that really stood out. Speaking of newly drafted left tackle Russell Okung, Kiper suggested pairing him with a long term addition at guard. Ben Hamilton has been signed as a veteran presence in year one - but long term what is the plan?

One prospect I rate particularly highly is Florida State interior lineman Rodney Hudson. Last October I wrote this piece on the Seminoles guard and suggested he could be a first round pick. If I were to recommend watching anyone closely in 2010, it's Hudson. With the Seahawks investing in Alex Gibbs as line coach, Hudson is the prototypical guard for his zone blocking scheme. He's not the biggest at 290lbs, but he's quick, strong and smart. Without doubt nobody impressed me more than Hudson last year.

In Kiper's team review of Seattle he has a section called, "Next April's pick, now". For the Seahawks he suggests Hudson: "He's a guard, so he probably doesn't go early, but Hudson is my early best in the class at that position. He'd look great next to Okung for the next decade."


Patrick said...

Rodney Hudson is definitely someone to keep our eyes on. I remember all the praise he was given last year and if FSU has a good season he could be seen as a legitimate upper-first round talent. With that said, I think our placement in the draft will prove to be key. Solidifying the left side of our line sounds amazing, but only if we have a proper QB in place.

Matthew Baldwin said...

I dig the idea of pairing Hudson with Okung for the next decade, but we don't have that luxury.

We need a long term solution at QB first. If we miss out on Locker/Luck, we need an impact DE and we could use a big WR (4 could go in the 2011 first).

Rob - one of the arguments you made leading up to the draft was that playmakers will do more to help our o-line than anything. If teams can blitz without penalty of being beat deep, they will keep blitzing. I don't care if you have the 5 best o-linemen in the NFL, they will always struggle to block 7 guys.

I think Hudson will be available in the 2nd. Guards rarely go in the 1st and weighing 292lb, he doesn't fit many schemes.

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