Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Seahawks & Tate agree to terms

By Rob Staton
Only two of Seattle's 2010 rookies remained unsigned after Golden Tate agreed terms with the Seahawks today. The deal is reported to be worth $3.26m over four years and was first announced on Tate's twitter account. The Notre Dame playmaker will be available for the start of training camp and leaves just Earl Thomas and Russell Okung awaiting to reach a deal. As with Aaron Curry last year and John Carlson before that, it appears unlikely either pair will be signed for the start of camp. As things stand, only two first round picks have been signed as teams wait for others to 'set the market'. A short delay is fine, however both are slated to start and play large roles this year. They can't afford to miss too much time.


Patrick said...

Hearing about Golden Tate was wonderful news this morning! I could not be more excited to see him play and right now I'm really hoping he nails that Starting WR job right beside Housh.

As far as Okung and Thomas, there's a story on right now that says from their agents that both are finalizing their deals and they could be done by the time training camp starts. I really hope this happens because I remember Curry's holdout and it was horrible! I'm sure the time he missed could have helped.

I do have one question: since Andre Smith was last years #6 pick and also a LT (not to mention the 2nd one of the board) shouldn't it be easier to sign Okung?

Rob Staton said...

It's a very good point, Patrick. There is a precedent for Okung's deal. Unfortunately, a lot of teams at this point are waiting to see how the market plays out and you get a stalemate. That certainly hurt Curry last year because Tyson Jackson (3rd overall) didn't sign for a long time and Sanchez (5th overall) got a deal unique for a quarterback. Seattle might well wait to see what Trent Williams gets at #4 or they may see benefit in getting a deal done before Washington.

It's impossible to predict when the deals will get done. Right now, I think only two first rounders are signed up. It's optomistic to hope either gets done before TC begins. However, I think there's every chance there won't be a long holdout like Curry. We just have to hope things get done quickly.

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