Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Mark Sanchez is a happy man

The New York Jets agreed terms with rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez today, signing the former USC Trojan to a 5-year $50m contract. The deal includes $28m in guarantees.

I think this is interesting for two reasons.

Firstly, the deal is seemingly lower than the one Matt Ryan earned from the Atlanta Falcons last year. Drafted just two places higher than Sanchez, Ryan signed a 6-year $72m contract with $34.75m in guarantees.

The incentives in Sanchez's contract, according to his agent David Dunn, could lead to an extra $10m eventually. Even still, I would have thought the deal would have been more comparable to Ryan's and it's a sign of Sanchez's determination to be ready for training camp as opposed to holding out for perhaps a better deal.

Secondly, it also sets something of a stand point for Seattle's negotiations with Aaron Curry. Last year's 4th overall pick (Darren McFadden) earned a 6-year $60m contract with $26m in guarantees.

Using that fact and the deal Sanchez has signed this week, we can get more of an idea has to what exactly Curry may earn.

Chris Sullivan at Seahawk Addicts thinks Chris Long's contract with the Rams last year is a likely comparison. He signed a 6-year $56.5m contract with $29m in guarantees. This seems a very fair suggestion.

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Patrick said...

I think this is also interesting because (I could be wrong...) but I think this makes him the highest paid Jet ever. For an untested rookie that is saying a lot. Hopefully Aaron Curry's deal is signed quickly and he makes it to camp without any trouble.