Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tebow top senior? Gil Brandt has published an early review of the top senior quarterbacks in 2009, with Tim Tebow topping the list.

There's a lot of debate surrounding Florida's 6'3" signal caller. Some question his mechanics, throwing action and accuracy and suggest he'll change position in the NFL. Others believe his determination, leadership and obvious football talent will overcome any other question marks.

Tebow will be a third-year starter in 2009. He has thrown 67 touchdown passes and only 11 interceptions in the past three years. He will have a new quarterback coach this year, Scott Loeffler, who came from the NFL. Tebow should be a top-10 pick in the 2010 draft.
-Gil Brandt

Can he make it into the top 10? I have no doubts that Tebow will have another productive season for the Gators. However, we'll have a lot of tape on the guy by the end of this year. There's already questions as we've raised here - will this be enough to put off a team willing to spend the big money that comes with a top 10 choice?
I have no insider information on the Seahawks' impression of Tebow. Even so, you have to admit he does sound like your typical Ruskell pick. Big school, big production, big character who stayed in school. This is likely a story for another day...

Personally I'll be keeping a close eye on Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead. If he declares, he's my early tip to make a challenge to go first overall next year, or at least the first quarterback off the board.


Patrick said...

I'm a Tebow supporter and I have been for some time. When there was debate about Seattle choosing Mark Sanchez, I always voted we wait a year and pick up Tim Tebow. I am someone who does think he will be great in the NFL and would probably choose him over Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy (I don't know enough about Jevan Snead to compare). Still, with that being said, I am now hoping Seattle doesn't draft a QB next year and instead focuses on training Mike Teel.

Rob Staton said...

I'm torn on Tebow. It's hard not to like the guy and the passion he plays with. However, if he needs a complete overhaul of his throwing mechanics that's a serious red flag. He's also unlikely to have the benefit of the Florida spread in the NFL.

It only takes one team to like him enough to make him a top pick. Trying to guess where he falls in a draft will prove to be the million dollar question between now and next year. It's going to be a long debate!

Zem said...

Two weeks late on the response, but I just found the blog.

Isn't Tebow just another Alex Smith, just not as polished?(Yes, I did just say that.)

Alex Smith didn't have a lot of mechanical issues coming out as I recall. His release is quicker than Tebows and mechanically better. His field vision was low and the lack of continuity(five different coordinators) has completely screwed him up.

That spread option offense that Florida and Utah run do nothing to prepare a quarterback for the NFL. Most of the passes plays are rollouts, leaving the quarterback to only have to read about half of the field. On pass plays where the quarterback stays in the pocket, the play includes at most 2 reads and then the quarterback tucks it under.

Not to mention qbs in the spread rarely are under center and have to get used to dropping back to pass while reading the defense. An issue someone with questionable footwork like Tebow will have a great deal of trouble with.

Tebow is a natural born safety, taking him in the top 10 is idiotic.