Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Teel, Reed agree to deals

Following on swiftly from Courtney Greene signing a contract this week, Mike Teel and Nick Reed became the latest rookies to agree terms with the Seahawks.

Teel, a sixth round quarterback from Rutgers, has inked an undisclosed four-year deal. Considered a project with a big arm and a impressive attitude, it's likely he'll be kept as the team's third QB in 2009. Jeff Rowe, who joined the team at the end of the 2009 season, will compete with Teel. The rookie has an obvious edge however, considering the team spent a draft pick to get him.

Reed is an under sized defensive lineman who was taken in the seventh round. He made up for a lack of size at Oregon with big performances, earning numerous awards in a decorated college career. He also agreed to a four year deal, with Danny O'Neil reporting he'll get a $41,500 signing bonus.

The rookies yet to sign are Aaron Curry (4th overall), Max Unger (49th overall), Deon Butler (91st overall) and Cameron Morrah (248th overall).


Patrick said...

Oh boy, I cannot wait to see what Mike Teel can do! I've always been someone who wanted us to get a top QB next year (Bradford, Mccoy, Tebow), but honestly, not anymore. I think Mike Teel really has a shot of being something big, especially behind Hasselbeck and Wallace for a few years.

Rob Staton said...

He has the tools for sure. If the Seahawks were going to take a chance on a late round QB, Teel was the best bet.

It'll be a long road but he couldn't have a better mentor in Matt Hasselbeck - a former 6th round pick himself.