Saturday, 22 May 2010

Madden '11 video hammers Seahawks



Patrick said...

As an avid Madden fan, I have to be the first to say this video was very dissapointing! Was that supposed to be Pete Carroll? Ha Ha, good God it looked more like Mora!

And the voice commentators were absolutely awful. "Maybe he saw a pretty girl?" Seriously?! If those voices are actually on the game it appears as though I'll be using my mute button a lot.

Those graphics look IDENTICAL to Madden '10. I know it said they were early but this is just awful. It was great seeing Thomas and Okung but all of the returning players looked 100% identical to Madden '10. Especially Hasselbeck and Housh.

As far as how they ragged on the Seahawks, Well, luckily Alex Smith took a beating as well in the video so at least they were equally awful towards both teams. Still, it's very sad to see how far the mighty Madden has fallen these past few years. Like I said before, here's hoping that Charlie Whitehurst is at least above a 55.

Steve in Spain said...

Call us chumps, fine, but I cannot accept that one minute elapsed into the 2011 season Qwest Field will be so quiet you can hear the 49ers fans cheering. said...

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