Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wes Bunting on Terrelle Pryor

By Rob Staton
Some of the better off season material is coming from the NFP's Wes Bunting. He's started to look through potential 2011 prospects and he's worth following if you have a twitter account(@wesbunting). His latest article takes a look at Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor. A junior for the upcoming season, he could choose to declare if he enjoys a productive 2010. However, he has a lot to do this year to put himself in position to take advantage of skipping his senior year. Here's a section from Bunting:

"I came away a little more impressed with Pryor as a “thrower” than I initially thought I would. The guy has a strong enough arm to make all the throws at the next level, but what really stood out to me was his touch down the field on the move. He consistently was able to buy time for himself outside the pocket, and with the flick of a wrist was able to drop bucket throws into receivers’ outstretched arms. Plus, he’s a powerful strider when asked to create for himself as a runner and uses his stiff arm literally as well as any running back in college football. He never looks to be moving fast but consistently is able to outrun angles, break tackles and pick up necessary yards to move the chains." - Wes Bunting, NFP

It's not all positive though, if you check out the full article.


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