Sunday, 13 June 2010

How good is Mark Ingram?

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ivotuk said...

Rob, thanks for keeping fresh reads up on your site. Have been busy for awhile but finally got around to checking and you have the best stuff. Great links, fantastic, professional responses to comments and a great format.

After watching this video I'm thinking that if Hasselbeck does well, if Losman attains his potential and the running game gets going. We might have the luxury of trying to pick up Ingram next year.

I think Losman, given the chance can be a Pro Bowl QB. Whitehurst is a wash, he just isn't hungry enough to be an NFL QB but because of the Tate pick it won't matter.

IMHO Ingram can be a game-changer, the kind of RB that gets a team over the hump when they are trying to win a playoff game.