Monday, 28 June 2010

QB Landry Jones on Oklahoma in 2010


Guilherme said...

Hey Rob, can you tell me something about Texas A&M QB Jerrod Johnson? Days ago I read a story about "how Jerrod is a great person", but what have you seen of Jerrod "the player"? Is he eligible for the 2011 NFL Draft? Thanks!

Rob Staton said...

Hi Guilherme,

Johnson is one to watch in 2010. He initially caught my eye last year when he put in an impressive performance against Texas' tough defense. He has ideal size, he's athletic - and he has a good arm. His numbers were very good last year. However, he's nowhere near polished enough to be a reliable NFL starter on 2009 form and whilst he will intrigue people in the mid-round ranges as things stand, he needs to become more poised in the pocket, not force as many throws and find a level of consistency. This was evidenced in his Bowl Game where he was the polar opposite at times of the guy I saw against Texas.

However, he's one of a number of QB's who are in control of their own stock going into the 2010 season and then the 2011 draft. He has the tools. A good, consistent year and who knows what that could do for him? Right now I'd put him in the same bracket as Terrelle Pryor... with Ryan Mallett and Jake Locker the top two QB prospects as we enter the season's start.