Monday, 21 June 2010

Seahawks to hire Scot McLoughan

By Rob Staton
It's being reported that the Seattle Seahawks are set to hire former 49ers GM Scot McLoughan to an unnamed position. The 39-year old left San Francisco just before the draft citing undisclosed personal matters. He will likely take a senior personnel position with a significant input to college scouting. McLoughan and current Seahawks GM John Schneider are essentially branches from the same tree - both working together under Ron Wolf in Green Bay. McLoughan held a previous position with the Seahawks and as Mike Sando reports, Schneider has credited McLoughan for helping build Seattle's Superbowl XL team.

It was a significant shock when McLoughan left the 49ers and it's still relatively unclear why that happened. However, this is an excellent move for the Seahawks. McLoughan had received widespread praise for helping rebuild San Francisco into a team most expect to be contenders in the NFC West this year. His previous work in Seattle speaks for itself. This could have a healthy impact on Seattle's ability to rebuild going forward.


Michael said...

Another great addition. This team seems to really be moving in the right direction. Just in time for the work stoppage to ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

This is a great replacement for Ruston Webster. You win with talent and he will help bring in talent.