Monday, 7 June 2010

How good is Ryan Mallett?


Patrick said...

I've never been a huge Ryan Mallet fan, but some of those throws were very impressive. And you can't argue with his size (6'7"!). I definitely think I'll be paying close attention to all the QBs/DEs coming out next year. I only hope at least one of the QBs pull a "Clausen" and get within range of our pick (Assuming we do well this year ;-D).

Rob Staton said...

Mallett, physically, is immense. His arm strength is unreal. We know NFL teams love that, but that it also doesn't translate to success in the pro's. Having a cannon arm just doesn't limit you, making the most of it is something else. Mallett has an extra year to develop which is good. If he finds a level of touch and that ability to vary his throws and pick the right time to pull back the trigger, he could be a #1 overall pick. There won't be many teams more intriguing to watch next year than Arkansas to see how Mallett works out.