Friday, 11 June 2010

Pete responds to USC sanctions


Johan said...

Whatever... maybe I am getting old and can't be bothered when I ought to but... whatever.

The whole thing about "What did Pete know, what didn't he know before he signed with the Hawks" is a non-issue for me. He seems committed to the Hawks and that's all I care about.

If PC actually got the hell out of dodge because he realized that the NCAA would bodyslam USCs program then GREAT! Yay NCAA! We got Pete over here, thanks.

If he didn't then GREAT! We got Pete over here.

Neil Christensen said...

The NCAA should be slammed. Their arcane rules for 'student' athletes are as bad as the Olympics used to be. With so much money trading hands for 'amateur' athletics there is always going to be a seedy side. Add this to the joke that the BCS is and real change needs to happen. Hopefully Nebraska will join the Big 10 and big shakeups will ripple through the college game.

Its about time IMO.

ivotuk said...

What a crock the NCAA has become. Am I to understand that they are basing these sanctions on Reggie Bush's behavior? Who cares if his parents got to fly to his away games? Good for them and it should be required that "boosters" buy tickets for multiple team members families! The nice ride and the home I don't blame Reggie for, he was young and wanted nice stuff for himself and his parents.

This whole deal and the Dez Bryant suspension are evidence that the NCAA needs to make some drastic changes. It is so typical that just because the smaller schools don't get that kind of support that they have to "even things out" for everybody. Nothing is ever even, for anybody and no one can change that. Rosie O'Donnell will never be as hot as Mariah Carey.