Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Heisman watch


Mind of no mind said...

Hey Rob, have you had a chance to look at Jake Locker yet? I was pretty shocked to read this from Chris Mortensen's twitter,

"Hearing that UW's Locker may be in real competition with Sam Bradford for 1st QB in next year's draft."


There is still a long ways to go, so I guess there's not much point in making to much out of this, but I'd be really interested to read your thoughts on him. How much would you discount his performance against USC due to Mays being out?

Rob Staton said...

For starters, I was really impressed with Locker against USC especially late in the game. I wouldn't discount that performance at all, regardless of Mays. I don't think Mays is particularly good against the pass and he made some pretty basic errors against Ohio State.

Clearly Locker has tools that NFL teams will like. I'll be honest and say I haven't seen that much of the guy, with Washington being on that huge losing streak they've been out of the national spotlight for so long and it hasn't given me the chance to watch him in action all that much. That could change now, but I need to see more to start putting the guy at the top of round one.

In all honesty the best thing Jake Locker can do is have a good year in 2009 and then go back to school next year and do it all again. Of course, if he and his team have a great year there's always that 'strike whilst the iron is hot' mentality of get paid when your stock is highest. Thanks for sending me the link though, interesting yet perhaps premature thoughts from Mortensen.

Mind of no mind said...

Cool, thanks for the followup Rob. I agree that he can certainly use more seasoning, but I'm sweating it a little bit, just because he'll have more experience than Sanchez had by the time this year is over, and while we're sure to have an NFL season in 2010 and no rookie salary cap, the possability of a lockout or rookie cap in 2011 might be to much of a risk if he has a shot of going anywhere in the first round.

He also has a minor league contract with the Angels. If he gets a first round contract next year and is locked out in 2011, he'll get his big NFL money, and and still have a pro sports job while he waits for the lockout to end.

But I'm getting to far ahead of myself. Thanks again!