Monday, 7 September 2009

Say hello to Tony Pike

We've spent a lot of time discussing Sam Bradford's shoulder injury and the largely disappointing performance from Jevan Snead on Sunday, but are we maybe missing someone from the 2010 quarter back debate?

Tony Pike threw for 362 yards and three touchdowns as Cincinnati routed Rutgers on Monday 47-15. An inspired performance from the Bearcats signal caller, who's raised a few eyebrows. Mike Freeman at CBS Sportsline wonders whether he'll gate crash the draft:

"He's a better pure passer and more NFL ready than Tim Tebow. He's got a stronger arm than Colt McCoy. He's got the smarts of Jevan Snead and unlike Sam Bradford has two perfectly healthy shoulders. Some NFL scouts believe he's one of the fastest risers in all of college football and by the end of the season might be a first-round pick." - Mike Freeman

It's still early days and clearly the Rutgers defense didn't exactly put on the greatest performance. There's a danger of jumping on the bandwagon in these kind of situations. Before his master class in the season opener, we last saw him throwing four interceptions in the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech.

However, it might be worth keeping an eye on Pike over the next few weeks. He's 6'6" and ranked 5th amongst QB's this year by NFL Draft Scout. He's reportedly had problems adding weight to his frame and is currently listed at a modest 226lbs.

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