Friday, 11 September 2009

New Guy

I just wanted to say "Hello" and introduce myself.

My name is Kyle Rota, last year I ran College Talent Scout (another draft-oriented site) and had the opportunity to contribute to Seahawks Draft Blog several times.

Rob has graciously invited me to write for Seahawks Draft Blog this football season, so I figured that I would start things off by saying hello to everyone here.

I tend to focus my energy on the scouting end of things. The main reason for posting this was that I needed a good way to offer my services to all of you. If there are any players that you want me to take a quick look at, let me know! I can't promise I'll have games of every player, but I'll try to obtain some film on the player if I don't already have it.

I can be reached at, or just leave a comment somewhere and there's a good chance I'll see it.

Thanks for the opportunity, and if you have any questions/requests, feel free to send me an e-mail!


Patrick said...

Welcome to the blog Kyle! I do have a little question, which QBs for next year's draft do you like the most? Bradford? Tebow? Someone else? This has been a frequent topic here and I would love to get your opinion. Thanks again for all of your contributions and welcome again!

Rob Staton said...

I've also got a question for you Kyle - did you see anything of Derrick Morgan in the Clemson vs Georgia Tech game? Personally I was very impressed, just wondered if you had any opinions on him.

Anonymous said...
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Kyle Rota said...

Patrick, I'll have your answer up by tonight. I can actually answer it now (somewhat) because I've been spending the last few weeks watching them, among a few others.

Rob - I actually don't get the games until about a week after they're played. I like (need) to have the re-wind option anyways and I don't have TiVo.

I'll keep an eye out on him - after seeing your impression yesterday I'm excited to watch him. I'm also curious to see CJ Spiller - this system seems to help runners with great open-field skills, and the rest of the offense seems to put a premium on versatility (as you mentioned).

Rob Staton said...

I certainly want to see more of Morgan. He consistently abused the Clemson O-line last night, so I want to see if it was a one off or not.

He's ranked only behind Carlos Dunlap amongst junior DE's on NFL Draft Scout, so he's clearly talented.

By the end of the game he was visibly exhausted, but that was understandable. I haven't got exact figures, but my impression was that Clemson had a lot more TOP. GT's points all came on three big plays, aside from that they did very little on offense.

Morgan was therefore barely off the field. However, despite looking pretty tired at the end, he still put in every effort to make a play and continued to trouble the offensive line.

It certainly made up for the dissapointing performance from Jonathan Dwyer.

Johan said...

Sweet. Good to see you onboard Kyle, keeps me from checking two different sites.

No rush, but generally I feel QB and OL will be more interesting to hear about this year.

Maybe some 2-4th round CB, S or RB?

Keep it up. I apprechiate the effort!

Rob Staton said...

If we're talking about running backs, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Jahvid Best. That kid can play.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle - I would like to know what you think of the potential of Jake Locker under the tutelage of Sarkisian. He seems to be much improved over the first two UW games.

DSAhawker said...

Whooo! Glad to have you on board Rota! Loved your stuff over on your site.

Kyle Rota said...

Best can definitely play. I *really* try to avoid paying attention to guys until they've had two years in college, simply because I don't want to read too much into old film. He's a little fella, but fantastic speed/open-field/return skills... I'm a little concerned if he is simply an outside threat, I will be paying attention this year to his inside runs - a lot of times, little backs need a KILLER OL to be successful because they can't get through the trash on inside runs.

I have some thoughts on Ciron Black, Russell Okung, and Trent Williams that I'll try to get up in the next week, Johan. The name I keep hearing is Bryan Bulaga (of Iowa) (sp), another Big-10 kid. He's a Jr. this year, and so bears watching. He may be the best of the bunch.

Anonymous: I haven't seen either game yet. I really, really hope Locker doesn't declare this year, to be honest.

Sarkisian seems to have a reputation as a coach able to get the most from top talent, which Locker is. However, I need to see more consistent accuracy from last year before I'd even consider Locker. Not to mention, the first game I saw Locker play I said "He's going to kill himself"... And the more injuries he gets now, the more concerned I am about him getting injuries at the NFL level. At this point, he's an arm and 2 legs, but there's some hope with Sark... for 2011.

1stHill said...

Kyle, I would like to get your thoughts on LT Charles Brown of USC. Brown is a former TE and plays in a zone blocking scheme, so he could be a good fit with the Seahwaks. Where would you rank him out of the top LT's for the 2010 draft?

Kyle Rota said...

Haven't watched Brown, but I certainly will. He seems like a really good fit, but from what I've heard, he's pretty raw. He's got a lot of potential for us, especially if we view Locklear as Walt's heir and are looking for a RT.