Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday thoughts - Best for Heisman?

I just finished watching the tape of Tennessee at Florida and didn't learn anything to be honest. I kept my eye on Tim Tebow and Eric Berry but they just performed exactly how I expected. Tebow is a great leader for his team and is capable of making some nice plays. However - his mechanics are all over the place and that slow release is a killer - it'll be sack city in the NFL unless he works on that (which he won't until he's drafted).

Eric Berry made an excellent interception with a diving catch and flashed that play making ability. I also liked the way he went low with his tackles and executed for the most part, making up for his lack of real size. However, I still see the guy as a potential liability against NFL TE's and RB's. He's going to get over matched when he takes on much more physically adept opponents. Yes, he'll make big plays in passing defense. I also think he'll give up a fair few with missed tackles. I'm yet to be convinced he's worth the hype.

A word on Joe Haden, Florida cornerback. He's been touted as a potential first rounder and although it's a small sample, he made one outstanding play today. In the second half he tried to read the QB knowing it was a pass play. He initially got into an awkward position allowing the receiver to get down the field into some space. However, he recovered very quickly and diagnosed the play perfectly. He not only burst to the WR, but he also made a superb diving catch at full stretch to get the interception.

Elsewhere, I'm guessing we're going to start hearing Jahvid Best's name mentioned amongst the Heisman contenders. FIVE TD's today in a tough win for California in Minnesota. Put Best in space with the ball in his hands and the guy is explosive - he's a true home run threat. I want to see him run through tackles though, I still remember that moderate hit he took and was physically sick afterwards. He probably needs to share the load with someone else in the NFL. He's an exciting prospect though and from what I understand is a great character guy - keep an eye on him.

C.J. Spiller looks to me like a late first, early second round pick. I like the look of Spiller, he's a very balanced back. Has the speed to take it all the way, he returns kicks, he pass blocks very well, he has good hands and lines up at wide out. I also think you can rely on him, unlike Best, to carry the load. He certainly fits everything Seattle want in a running back on Greg Knapp's watch.

Not blown away by Jevan Snead again today. He's scored three touchdowns in a powder puff contest against Southeastern Louisiana, but he's missed on nearly half of his 29 throws. He'll be tested more later in the year and still has a chance to cement himself as the #1 QB for 2010, but he's got off to an unspectacular start.

Taylor Mays missed USC's defeat to Washington in his hometown Seattle. Big shame that, for the player and our hopes of getting a read on the new, more involved safety. It was another productive day for Trojans RB Joe McKnight, 100 yards from 11 carries. I'll happily admit the guy sold me in Ohio State last week. He's not the biggest runner, but he plays big. He'll take it through the middle and knock three guys back for another yard. He's great in the passing game and has the speed to be a home run threat. There is one concern though - ball security. He's got an issue with fumbling and it's a big problem. That could cost him because aside from that, he's a very good running back.

Dez Bryant had a big afternoon for Oklahoma State. The enigmatic wideout grabbed a pair of TD's and 162 yards from nine catches. Tony Pike led Cincinnati to another victory against Oregon State. He scored three total TD's and continues to rise in the QB rankings.

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Patrick said...

I LOVE Jahvid Best!! I don't think I can say that enough and this game today just cemented that. I would really, really love for Seattle to draft Best and I think he would work very well in a tandem with either Julius Jones or Edgerrin James (if we draft a RB you have to assume we would drop one of them). I'm still not sold on Jevon Snead either, and Tim Tebow just continues to impress me. Did you see him rally up his teammates in the second quarter? He is a born leader and definitely has my vote. Getting Jahvid Best/ a QB and our offense is starting to look very, very promising