Friday, 25 September 2009

Mocks and reports

Walter Cherepinsky has published a new mock with an interesting choice at #1. Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen is pencilled in as the first overall pick, going to the Cleveland Browns. The Seahawks take Brian Bulaga (OT, Iowa) eighth overall and Jahvid Best (RB, California) with the seventeenth pick: "The ultra-talented Jahvid Best is a perfect fit for their zone-blocking scheme."

Matt McGuire has a scouting report out for Jahvid Best. He makes an interesting comparison to Chris Johnson of the Titans. Physically I wouldn't compare the two, Johnson is clearly bigger and capable of taking a greater load. But they do both own elite breakaway speed and are perhaps best suited in a dual back system. I need to see greater evidence Best can take the ball through the middle to be completely sold on his abilities, but there's no doubt he's a very exciting prospect.

McGuire also has a report out for C.J. Spiller. In all honesty, I completely disagree with most of McGuire's assessments. He says Spiller is 'mediocre' in pass protection. He clearly didn't pay much attention to the Clemson v Georgia Tech game, where Spiller was doing a fantastic job keeping Derrick Morgan at bay. He also compares Spiller to Reggie Bush - something else I don't entirely agree with. He's shown an ability this season to carry a bigger work load and I've been impressed.

New Sports Draft has the Seahawks taking Jevan Snead (QB, Ole Miss) and Brian Bulaga (OT, Iowa) with two picks in the teens. A lot of mocks are going to have the Seahawks taking an offensive tackle as a reaction to Sean Locklear's injury. Personally, I still think Seattle's main issues on the O-line are interior problems.

Football Draft Analysis give Seattle back-to-back picks at #9 and #10. They're also the first website I've noticed to cleverly place a declaring Jake Locker (QB, Washington) with the Seahawks. They also put C.J. Spiller (RB, Clemson) down as a top ten pick. I like Spiller, but that's far too high.

NFL Draft Blitz has Gerald McCoy (DT, Oklahoma) moving to the northwest with the sixth overall selection. Love that pick. They also have the Seahawks taking Ciron Black (OT, LSU) with the #15 choice. Hate that pick.

Ryan McCrystal gets some style points for putting together an aesthetically pleasing mock draft. The Seahawks take Trent Williams (OT, Oklahoma) tenth overall and follow it up with C.J. Spiller with the #17 selection.

NFL Draft Dog has the Seahawks taking a couple of big name defensive prospects. Carlos Dunlap (DE, Florida) is the first pick sixth overall. The second choice is Taylor Mays (S, USC) with the #14 choice. One thing I've noticed in this weeks mocks - nearly all have Seattle's pick before the choice gained from Denver. It's funny how two wins against the Bengals (gift) and the Browns (awful) change a lot of minds very quickly.


Patrick said...

If Sunday's game showed me anything, it showed me that my vote for at least 1 of our draft picks is for a QB. I really haven't decided on the 2nd pick, and I think it will really come down to placement. I'd love to get Jahvid Best or C.J. Spiller but only if they're the best players available at the time. I've seen several mock drafts that have us selecting Brian Bulaga or a DT. Either of those picks would be fine as well.

As far as QBs go though, I really hope Clausen is the first selected. I have never been sold on Jevan Snead and he looked horrible last night. If Sam Bradford slipped a bit and was available, I think we'd have to take him, and honestly I would be very pleased with that pick

Anonymous said...

Been saying OL & RB forever but the more I see Jacke Locker play the more I feel like he may be a good pick for the Hawks, especially considering Matt's health issues as of late.

So..OL and Jake Locker (if he declares) otherwise back to RB.

Anonymous said...

Based solely on two games and NOT on current short-term injuries, I'm pleased that Jackson seems to be stepping up, so I think we're likely set at DE. Developing Bryant and Bennett takes pressure off DT as well, although if Suh or McCoy fall to us they'd be tempting. Biggest need in my mind is future QB and RB, as well as future #1 WR. O-line needs help, but I doubt we spend a 1st round pick, choosing instead to trade up in 2nd to find another "Unger".

Rob Staton said...

I'm finding the draft increasingly difficult to judge at this early stage. I'll go into more detail in a blog post on Sunday, but I've read a lot about the potential quality of the 2010 draft. I have to admit, I've been dissapointed more than impressed in the early stages of the 2009 season. Carlos Dunlap was a big dissapointment for me last week against Tennessee. I thought he could potentially be a #1 pick, but not on that showing. He has the tools, but I'm not sure he has the mindset and determination to use them. Jevan Snead has been a big dissapointment so far (I've recorded the game from last night, will watch it and offer more thoughts on him with another game in the bag).

I've found distinct flaws in Eric Berry and Taylor Mays that have made me question the hype they're receiving.

Even someone who flat out impressed me (Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech) I'm a little concerned that he seems to tire badly in the second half. He's flat out exhausted by the 4th quarter. Why?

Ndamukong Suh remains my #1 prospect and I think that's unlikely to change in the near future. I fully expect to see a repeat of the 2009 draft with some value between picks 13-30 and not as great value in the top ten.

But hey - plenty of time for things to change.

Mind of no mind said...

It looks like NFL Draft Blitz updated their mock shortly after you posted this. Now they have;

11. Seattle Seahawks - *Jonathan Dwyer (RB) Georgia Tech

13. Seattle Seahawks (From Denver) - Russell Okung (OT) Oklahoma State

They dropped Ciron Black down to 21 to Green Bay.

Rob Staton said...

That's way too high for Jonathan Dwyer.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I did see what I thought was a compelling argument for taking an elite left tackle prospect, such as Brian Bulaga in the 1st round, moving Locklear back to right tackle, and Willis to right guard, with Sims at left guard and Unger at center. That looks like a pretty good O-line to me. Spencer is a free agent anyway, so may not be retained. What do you think?

1stHill said...

Rob, what players do you like for the Seahawks in the 1st round (guys that will be available between the 10th and 20th picks)?

Also, after two games what positions do you think need to be addressed in the first two rounds?

Rob Staton said...

Annonymous - I've got a few thoughts on that suggestion. For starters, I'm not sure there's going to be an 'elite' left tackle prospect in this draft. If someone, like Brian Bulaga (who I've seen precious little of) shines through and is considered a top prospect, he's going to be a top 5-10 pick. There's no depth at LT for 2010, not anything like 2009. We've seen a premium on that position in the NFL so if one guy is considered 'elite' then he's going to go very quickly.

Also, I'm convinced the Seahawks signed Locklear to his contract in 2008 because they intend to use him as a LT. It's a LT contract, that's for sure. Without really getting a good look at him on the left, they'd have to admit they're going to abandon that plan to consign him to the right. I'm not sure they'll do that.

I also have to say, I've looked at Jacksonville with their two rookie tackles and that's not given them an instant answer to their problems. Taking a rookie tackle is no guarantee, although for some reason it has a reputation for being a stone wall solution to line issues.

1st Hill - with regard to the Seahawks I'd like to see the team have a chance to take advantage of what stands to be a good defensive line class. I've very high on Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy, so if one of those two made it to our pick I'd be pleased.

With regard to prospects in the 10-20 range, it's hard to be that specific at this early stage. But I think Eric Berry will be around in the 15-30 range so I'm sure a lot of people would like to see him. Taylor Mays likewise I'd only give a grade in the 20's. Dez Bryant makes too many basic errors to be a top pick, but he might have some value in the middle of the round. Corner back Joe Haden impressed me against Tennessee for Florida. It's also difficult to place the three RB's I like - Best, Mcknight, Spiller - because they could essentially move into the late teens - Best and Spiller in particular. If we're talking QB, someone like Tony Pike could work himself into the teens and maybe even higher.

1stHill said...

Kind of off topic, but if you want to see a electrifying player that is a bit under the radar then watch Miami RB Craig Cooper. He is in same mold as Jahvid Best and C.J. Spiller. Cooper is a great kick returner as well.

Rob Staton said...

Thanks for the recommendation 1stHill - I'll check him out.