Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bradford explains decision to declare


germpod said...

I have too many questions about him to draft him early. When he did not have a great offensive line to protect him he fell apart, when he gets to the NFL he will not have the time that he had last season. The first season he takes a few sacks he gets injured, which is a big red flag to me, though I know it could just be a case of bad luck. The Hawks are full of bad luck though, concerning injuries, and we need to take steps to avoid drafting players who will continue the injury trend that has come up the past two seasons.

Rob Staton said...

My feelings on Bradford are mixed. Clearly this injury situation is a concern, especially for a team that has suffered tremendously with injuries for 2-3 years now. Drafting guys who've experienced injury problems before they even get into the league might not be the best idea and for that matter, Seattle would have to satisfy itself that Bradford was 100% healthy with minimal risk should they decide to spend a high pick on his services.

They'd also have to severly upgrade their offensive line. I'd imagine Bradford wouldn't start until year two at the earliest, giving the Seahawks two off seasons to improve up front. They won't be able to recreate the SBXL line, but they can't afford to be relying on journeymen, projects and oft-injured lineman starting a rookie QB.

On the positive side, there are things I really admire about Bradford's game. He's a very level headed individual, he's accurate, has above average arm strength if nothing spectacular, his decision making is good. As an all round prospect I think he has tremendous upside but with obvious risks also. The Seahawks or anyone else for that matter would need to decide if the pro's outweigh the con's.