Saturday, 17 October 2009

Reaction on the way...

I've just got in from reporting on an English soccer match (for those of you with some interest in the game, I was commentating on Sven Goran Eriksson's latest team Notts County). I've got the Oklahoma vs Texas game on record and I'll be watching it through in a couple of hours, followed by Arkansas against Florida. I'll have some reaction on the blog as soon as possible on both with a round-up of the other games and top 2010 draft prospects, including Notre Dame vs USC.

Stay tuned.

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Seth H. said...

THE ONLY player I would welcome to the Seahawks from Florida would be Joe Haden. He's had pretty good coverage, and he was step in step with a receiver on a pass that should've been completed for a touchdown but the diving attempt fell incomplete.

There's a defensive tackle for Arkansas that has a good motor, was getting penetration. And then on Arkansas, their running back had some good runs.

Also, I would look to draft the refs from these games, it'd be nice to get the calls go your way like they did in this game.