Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday thoughts

Chad Reuter has published his first mock draft on CBS Sportsline and I hate it. I mentioned yesterday that I have no idea how or why Colt McCoy is getting first round recognition and in Chad's mock, he has the Seahawks taking the Texas QB. I'm not keen on the second pick either - running back Jonathan Dwyer doesn't do anything for me. But Colt McCoy? I wouldn't take him in round five.

One guy I think the Seahawks could show a lot of interest in is CJ Spiller.

Eric Sprott from breaks down the Clemson runner's achievements: "With his 66-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, Clemson senior C.J. Spiller eclipsed the 6,000-yard mark in all purpose yards for his career, becoming the first player in ACC history to accomplish the feat. He is now up to 6,053 yards in his career. Also with that score, Spiller has now recorded a 60-yard play in each of the Tigers' first six games and upped his own school record of touchdown plays of 50 yards or more to 17. With his 106 rushing yards on Saturday, Spiller went over the 100-yard mark for the 10th time his career."

I might be wrong, but I have a feeling the Seahawks have been in the market for a running back in the last two drafts. In 2008, I imagine Tim Ruskell would've loved to have a shot at Jonathan Stewart. This year, Seattle were just too high to justify taking Knowshon Moreno but Ruskell was actively keeping a watchful eye on the Georgia running back at his pro-day.

Spiller ticks a number of boxes. He passes the 'Ruskell test' as a productive senior from a good school with no character issues. Greg Knapp wants a running back who won't sell the team's play calling - Spiller is more than capable splitting out as a receiver (he has great hands and runs solid routes) and he's very good in pass protection. Perhaps more than anything though, he's a threat to score any time he touches the ball. It might be difficult to place where Spiller would go in the draft, because he could be most effective in a two-back system. But he's the top ranked running back for 2010 and it wouldn't surprise me if the Seahawks' scouts have been keeping tabs on his progress.

Another option could be Jahvid Best, who had a return to form yesterday against UCLA. He recorded 152 total yards, including a 93-yard touchdown run and a 51-yard touchdown reception. I have reservations about Best's ability to carry anything like a heavy load in the NFL and he could be a bit of a luxury home-run hitter. A lot of his big runs seem to be when he bounces outside, I need to see more evidence of him making plays with runs through tackles and up the middle.

Rob Rang was impressed with Tony Pike's performance on Thursday against USF: "Before the injury, Pike completed three legitimate NFL passes that were certain to impress NFL scouts." Pike's stock is a hard one to judge. I understand the issues regarding his skinny frame and lack of velocity on some of his throws, but there's also plenty of positives. He could be a 3rd rounder, or he could sneak into the first. It's worth monitoring if the injury clears up, especially with Cincinnati on a 6-0 streak.

Matt McGuire is talking up USC offensive lineman Charles Brown: "His feet are the best in the nation outside of Oklahoma State's Russell Okung's. He has very nice agility, athleticism and awareness in pass protection." If we're looking for a left tackle to shoot up the boards, maybe Brown is the guy?

McGuire also has a new mock draft available. The Seahawks take Michigan cornerback Donovan Warren 15th overall and Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant with the 23rd pick.

Finally, meet Ndamukong Suh:


Patrick said...

C.J. Spiller certainly sounds amazing. Those stats are very impressive. I am biased towards Best, but that more than likely has to do with the fact that I have yet to see any Clemson games. I have been a fan of Best for years and the fact that he could be a "Home run threat" just excites me. I also think he should be ok holding the load. Maybe he'll be our Maurice Jones-Drew. I would love for Seattle to add either runner. But like you said, I'm still not impressed with Jonathon Dwyer.

I really think Charles Brown could be another possibility. I mean, Ruskell seems to at least trust USC when it comes to draft picks(Tatupu, Jackson) and this guy sounds like more of a real deal then several other of these first round OL. I could definitely see a combo of Best/Brown and I would absolutely be excited with those picks.

Rob Staton said...

I've seen USC twice and I wish I'd paid more attention to Brown now. I'm sure I'll get another chance to watch the Trojans this year, so I'll have a good look and see what he brings to the table. Kyle might know more about him.

I like Jahvid Best and there's certainly some value to having him on your roster. However, I just wonder if he's going to go a bit too high for Seattle. As a second round pick, I'd probably pull the trigger depending on what we managed to get in round one. As a first rounder though, I'm not sure. I don't think his all round game justifies that price tag because I'm not confident at all of him carrying the load. I've seen him in two big games (Oregon and USC) and he barely registered. It's one thing running up the stats against lesser opponents, but he didn't come to the party in the big games. That bothers me, so I wouldn't take him in round one for Seattle.

I think Spiller has shown a greater ability to have a big workload and he's a better all round back in terms of pass protection and hands. I don't rate him as highly as Knowshon Moreno, but he's a real threat every time he has the ball and fits what the Seahawks want at the position.

1stHill said...

I watched part of the Miami vs UCF game and Miami LT Jason Fox (6-7 310 lbs) looks like a very athletic offensive lineman. He is a player Seahawks fans should keep an eye on as a possible 2nd round or late 1st round pick.

Rob Staton said...

I've heard a lot of people touting Jason Fox. Certainly someone I'll keep an eye on over the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

This draft seems to have a few under-rated zone blocking Left Tackles who just so happen to be from big schools...

Anonymous said...

How do you like Mike Lupati (OG from Idaho) from Idaho. He sounds like a Ruskell kind of guy (a senior as well!). But is Idaho considered a big enough school?

Rob Staton said...

Unfortunately my knowledge of any Idaho prospect is limited, I don't have access to their games. I'll try and find out some more about him though.