Monday, 19 October 2009

Top ten plays from the weekend

Keep an eye out for Jahvid Best's run...


Patrick said...

Wow, what a run! I don't even have to say how much I want him to be a Seahawk.

Now, after watching yesterday's Seahawks game, it became very clear me that this draft is going to be very, very important. I was ready to clean house after the embarassing defeat. I told my girlfriend "There aren't enough draft picks to fix all of our problems." Unfortunetly, I still agree with that statement.

However, I remember what you said about Denver, and how it took them several years but they got Jay Cutler, Knoshon Moreno, and Ryan Clady. I have been asking for a top QB since Wallace underperformed against the 49ers. But, yesterday I suddenly realized something. Our OL was just awful. Absolutely miserable. I don't think anyone would have done any better than Hasselbeck (And my -15 Fantasy points shows how poorly he did).

Now, I NEVER wanted Seattle to draft Eugene Monroe this past year. Nothing against Monroe, but I just didn't think it would have been a good move. Watching Curry and Tapp blow past him last weekend, it showed that a top OL doesn't always mean he will be an immediate success. I really believe however, that the most logical choice for the Seahawks would be on an OL and a RB. Just take the best players available for those 2 positions. If we are picking in the 10-20 range and then the 20-30 range (My prediction as of right now) I definitely think we should grab someone like Brown and Best.

Although I agree our secondary defense was half of the problem yesterday, I know Trufant will elevate that tremendously when he returns. Getting a Safety would absolutely help, but that could potential be our 2nd round choice.

And yes, I'm starting to change my tune and believe we should not grab our future QB in this year's draft. After watching the game, I really believe OL and RB are greater needs. Not to mention, I believe the most-NFL ready QBs will already be gone. I predict Clausen and Locker's stock will rise and (if they declare) I would not be surprised if they were the top 2 QBs taken. I've seen mock drafts with Clausen going to the Rams or Titans and I could see either scneraio happening. With Locker, it's ranged from Redskins to Raiders. I think Bradford will probably drop to the 10-15 range after his second injury. Before Saturday, I would have loved for him to be a Seahawk. However, after watching this injury occur again, I would not want to take a chance on someone who now has a history of injuries to be ready for when/if Hasselbeck goes down. Take away Bradford, Clausen, and Locker, and you are left with Tebow, Snead, McCoy, and possibly Pike (Depending on how Pike's injury news turns out). I am a fan of Tebow, but even I'll admit an OL and RB would be a much safer combination. I would still be thrilled to get Tebow but I want to be realistic. I don't think McCoy deserves to be taken this soon and I would not touch Snead with 9 and a half foot pole.

Really, it all comes back to Teel. I'm not ready to hand the franchise over to him. But, I think if we can use this draft to help our line and our running game, QB could be saved for a year later. After all Hasselbeck and Wallace will be free agents, and it would be the absolutely last chance to assess our situation. Aside from Wallace/Teel, I'm 100% sure Jason Campbell will be a free agent after this season. Or, we could potential trade for someone like Brady Quinn. However, I'm not sure I see either of those moves occuring so let's assume we go into 2010 season with Hasselbeck, Wallace, and Teel as our QBs. Worse casing, if Hasselbeck goes down next year and Wallace and Teel prove they aren't the answer, at least we will go into the 2011 draft knowing what our biggest need will be. Hopefully by then, whoever our QB is, he will go into a team with a tremendous RB and OL. He will be the Cutler, to our Clady/Moreno of Brown/Best.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Charles Brown impresses me more and more every week and I think he is tailor made for ZBS and is only going to get better due to him being relatively new to the OT position. I believe he will be a later first round pick due to his size but I love the way he plays.

Adding onto the previous poster, we need to get an RB that can strike fear in a defense. Whether that be a Jahvid Best or CJ Spiller, someone of that nature needs to be on the roster.

This years draft is a real opportunity to turn this franchise around. Beef up the line, get a HR threat, and add some mean SOBs on the defensive side of the ball with some size for lord's sake. Let's get a team on the field that puts fear into other teams whether it be getting hit in the mouth or having to acount for a guy who can bust a big play at any moment. There needs to be a shift in attitude and we need more guys like Aaron Curry who play with a passion and will go toe to toe with anyone.

Get rid of TR and get somebody in here that wants to build a tough team, not win the community service or humanitarian award every year.

Rob Staton said...

I had a chance to watch a bit of USC vs Notre Dame today and I have to admit, I liked what I saw of Charles Brown. Nice footwork, athletic. A good fit for the ZBS and he looked very busy in the running game. He could stand to add a bit of strength to that upper body, but overall the most impressive of the lineman I've seen this year.