Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Taylor Mays works hard

If there's one area of Taylor Mays' game that deserves a top grade, it's his ability to deliver a solid tackle. The USC safety hits like a sledgehammer and I'm yet to see him miss a tackle in the two times I've watched him this season. Having said that, Gary Klein of the LA Times reports Mays wasn't happy with what was actually a very good performance against California recently:

"Mays made a team-high 10 tackles in the Trojans' victory at California. That, apparently, wasn't good enough for the senior who passed up an opportunity to enter April's NFL draft and returned for a final season of eligibility."I didn't tackle well," Mays said of his performance against Cal. "So I'm just getting back to, hopefully, what I do best." - Gary Klein, LA Times

Mays, a Seattle-born safety with linebacker size and elite athleticism, stayed behind late after practise to repeatedly hit a tackling sled. Nobody can question the guy's work ethic. If he can become more instinctive on the field, there's no reason why he can't justify some of the hype he's received this year and go nearer the top of the draft. The Trojans face Notre Dame this weekend, which is worth watching from a 2010 draft perspective. For a preview, check the video below courtesy of ESPN.

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