Sunday, 25 October 2009

Rob Rang's first mock draft

It's still early days but NFL Draft Scout/CBS Sportsline's Rob Rang has published his first mock draft for 2010. I'm sure most of you are well aware of Rang's work over the last few years, he's the expert when it comes to correctly predicting who the Seahawks will take in the draft. So who does he think Seattle will take in his first, initial prediction?

A pair of Trojans, actually. He suggests the Seahawks could take safety Taylor Mays in the top ten picks, with offensive lineman Charles Brown added later on.

"Seattle's undersized cornerbacks are never going to be able to truly compete with the Larry Fitzgeralds, Anquan Boldins and Michael Crabtrees of the NFC West. A head-hunting free safety like Mays, however, would give the Seattle secondary some teeth.... Future Hall of Famer Walter Jones has yet to make it through a full week of practice after undergoing two knee surgeries. And with various other members of their offensive line succumbing to injury already, the Seahawks may have little choice but to focus on the offensive line early and often in 2010. Brown, a former tight end, has shown greatly improved strength and tenacity as a run blocker in his second season as the Trojans' starting left tackle." - Rob Rang

I tentatively compiled my own mock draft last night and will publish it sometime this week. With regard to Rob Rang's mock, I have a few thoughts. Firstly, although I could envisage the Seahawks going in this direction I still think that is very high for Taylor Mays. Yes - he has the size and speed combo that opens eyes. He hits like a sledgehammer and would make an interesting additions to Seattle's secondary. However, he's not shown good instincts this year and has often relied too much on a big hit to get the job done and as we saw against Notre Dame - that's not always a good thing.

I can see why Rob has made that choice though. Mays is a four-year starter at a school Tim Ruskell likes to select from. It would be an interesting position for the Seahawks to be in, though. I'm a big fan of Georgia Tech's DE Derrick Morgan who's still available and both Jimmy Clausen (QB, Notre Dame) and Jake Locker (QB, Washington) remain on the board. Having said that, Ruskell would have to move away from his obvious preference towards taking senior prospects in round one to select any of that trio.

I like the Charles Brown pick, he fits Seattle's zone blocking system and impressed me in the Notre Dame game last week. I want to see more of him in the coming weeks to make a full judgement, but I think if there's one senior offensive tackle who could rise up the boards - it's Brown.

What do you think of Rob Rang's first mock draft? Let me know in the comments section or email


Anonymous said...

Although I do think that Rang is much more in touch with the Seahawks, and what they might do than the other national draft experts, I have a couple of thoughts on his mock.

First, if they pass on the opportunity to find a QB of the future in order to get a safety, albeit a good safety, I will not be a happy fan. As much as we all love Hasselbeck, and hope that he plays at a high level for another 5 years, he gets injured, and we have no one who can step in for him short or long-term. I think that Wallace has proven that he isn't the future.

Second, can you see Al Davis passing on Mays? He could take Mays in the top-5.

The Charles Brown pick makes sense to me, as would any OL pick.

Anonymous said...

to finish from my previous comment...

Can you see the Seahawks passing on Locker if he is available? He is such an icon in Seattle, plus, he has the tools and personality that a GM could completely build an offense around. I think the Seahawks are in a rebuilding mode, at least with the offense, and he would be a great start....and no, I'm not a homer just hoping for a hometown guy. I don't live in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Locker is not only a local kid, but he is unbelievably coachable and just happens to have some of the most freakish set of skills for a position of dire need. Yes, I'd love to have Locker for many reasons, but none more than the idea of him having the chance to become a great QB in the NFL. Does he have a lot of work ahead of him? Absolutely, but we are also seeing clear strides being made with him this year. Perhaps the most appealing part about Locker is that every week, he is usually on the inferior team and has to shoulder the load and doesn't get bailed out by teammates. I think this is the very reason why guys like Matt Ryan have had early success because they are used to getting hit and not always having mismatches on the perimeter.

I'd be thrilled with a Locker/Brown first round combo and then spend your second round pick on either BPA or RB/DB. This draft is so important and I'm really hoping we don't use a potential top 10 pick on Taylor Mays. I like the way he plays, but not for what he will cost to get. He has way too many holes in his game to use a top 10 pick on.

Rob Staton said...

I have to be honest and admit that I haven't had a chance to properly scout Locker yet. I have no access to Washington games and all I have seen this year are the game winning drive against USC and the last three drives against Arizona (both wins).

From a personal point of view, something intrigues me about Locker on face value. He appears to be a guy that can make plays in many different ways - but also make a few errors. Now - it's hard to tell how much of that is him or his team, but the way he's adapted to a new, pro-style offense this year is admirable and he deserves to be praised.

If he really is as good as some people say he could be, I personally would be on board. But I'm not making the picks for Seattle. Does Tim Ruskell, being so anti-risk in the past, take a chance on a guy like Locker? I'm not convinced.

It's such a difficult situation to access. On one hand, Seattle really has to focus on offense. Adding more expensive components to a defense which has had a lot of attention - especially top ten picks at safety like suggested here - could be deemed neglectful almost on the other side of the ball.

However, you can't fight a draft board. Simple fact is, Ruskell has avoided risks in the past and there's an element of risk involved with all three of Bradford, Locker and Clausen - and none are seniors. It would take a large shift in approach from Ruskell to make such a move, but then maybe that's what is required to go forwards?

Michael said...

I will chuckle a bit at whoever drafts Mays. Mays, in my not so humble opinion, is the riskiest, and most likeliest, pick to bust.

His play thus far this year is nondescript to poor.

I'm not sold on any safety in the first round. There are plenty of cornerbacks with size and speed that will go early second.

Guys like Justin Woodall, Nate Allen, etc. are all just as big, not nearly as fast, but have the full package.

Please Tim, for the sake of all that is sane, no Mays!

Michael said...

I'll add my thoughts on Locker. While his skill set is perhaps the best of all potential QB's this year, he showed that he needs another year in college to grow into a better decision maker.

I would cheer the decision, but would realize there will be major growing pains, and perhaps a full season on the bench with Locker. This is true of all the potential QB's however.

Matt Barkley would be a great pick (LOL).