Friday, 16 October 2009

Matt Rocha's mock draft

Reader and contributor Matt Rocha emailed me a mock draft today that's worth checking out. He's determined the draft order using current records, giving the Seahawks the 14th and 29th overall selections. There's also some suggestions on who Seattle might take in rounds 2-7. Matt's thinking outside of the box on some of the picks which makes it a bit different and well worth checking out.

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1. Rams (0-5) - * (QB) Sam Bradford 6-4 218 lbs Oklahoma
The Rams are in a rebuilding mode and Marc Bulger is unable to stay healthy.

2. Bucs (0-5) - (DT) Ndamnukong Suh 6-4 300 lbs Nebraska
Suh may be considered the best player in the draft.

3. Chiefs (0-5) - (DT) Terrance Cody 6-5 365 lbs Alabama
I don’t think Cody is a top-15 talent, but nose guard is the key cog in a 3-4 defense. The Chiefs reached for DE Tyson Jackson in the draft last year and I see them reaching again for the best 3-4 DT. I have read that LT Brandon Albert is struggling, so another option could be OT Bryan Bulaga.

4. Titans (0-5) - * (DT) Gerald McCoy 6-4 295 lbs Oklahoma
McCoy is a steal here and he can help fill the void of DT Albert Haynesworth. They could also consider Jimmy Clausen if they have completely given up on Vince Young.

5. Raiders (1-4) - (S) Taylor Mays 6-3 230 lbs USC
Al Davis strikes again. Taylor Mays’s combination of size and speed is too tempting for Al Davis to pass up. Another freakish player Al Davis might select is DE Carlos Dunlap.

6. Browns (1-4) - * (QB) Jimmy Clausen 6-3 217 lbs Notre Dame
The Browns QB’s have been horrible and the current coaching staff is not tied to former 1st round pick Brady Quinn.

7. Lions (1-4) - * (OT) Bryan Bulaga 6-6 312 lbs Iowa
The Lions need to improve the offensive line to protect QB Matt Stafford and Bulaga is the top rated LT.

8. Bills (1-4) - (OT) Russell Okung 6-6 305 lbs Oklahoma St
Bills need to replace the loss of LT Jason Peters.

9. 49ers (from Panthers 1-3) - * (S) Eric Berry 5-11 203 lbs TennesseeThe 49ers need a play maker in the secondary.

10. Redskins (2-3) - * (QB) Jevan Snead 6-3 215 lbs Mississippi
Snead is not having a stealer year, but his big arm is too much for owner Dan Snyder and the new coaching staff to pass up on. They could also reach for a guy like QB Tony Pike or QB Colt McCoy.

11. Texans (2-3)- (CB) Patrick Robinson 5-11 194 lbs Florida St
Patrick Robinson is the best cover CB in the draft. Patrick Robinson and Dunta Robinson will be good matching up against their division opponent Colts.

12. Dolphins (2-3) - * (MLB) Rolando McClain 6-4 249 lbs Alabama
Bill Parcells like big defensive players and McClain played in a 3-4 defense while at Alabama.

13. Jaguars (2-3) - * (CB) Joe Hayden 5-11 190 lbs Florida
The Jags need a safety more than a CB but the two stud safeties are gone at this point. The Jaguars are known for having a very physical defense and Joe Hayden, despite his size, is the most physical CB in the draft. Hayden and pro bowl caliber CB Rashean Mathis give the Jags a great starting duo and should give the d-line a couple of extra seconds to get to the QB. Dunlap is a consideration here.

14. Seahawks (2-3) - * (DE) Derrick Morgan 6-4 270 lbs Georgia Tech
Morgan will help the Seahawks front four get pressure on the QB which they struggle to do without the help of a LB blitz. OT and QB are bigger needs but Morgan is the best player available. Other considerations are DE Carlos Dunlap, OT Trent Williams, and WR Demaryius Thomas.

15. Cardinals (2-2) - * (DE) Carlos Dunlap 6-6 290 lbs Florida
Dunlap is a steal at this point of the draft.

16. Packers (2-2) - (OT) Trent Williams 6-5 308 lbs Oklahoma
The Packers need some help protecting their QB.

17. Chargers (2-2) - * (WR) Demaryius Thomas 6-3 229 lbs Georgia Tech
Thomas is a freak athlete that has the best combination of size and speed of the WRs in the draft. So far he has put up some good receiving stats which is hard to do in the triple option offense.

18. 49ers (3-2) - (OLB) Sean Weatherspoon 6-2 235 lbs Missouri
Weatherspoon is an outstanding LB that will make for a scary duo with Patrick Wills alongside him.

19. Cowboys (3-2) - * (WR) Dez Bryant 6-2 215 lbs Oklahoma St
The Cowboys biggest need is an offensive lineman but owner Jimmy Johnson likes playmakers and I don’t know if the remaining OT are worth being selected this high.

20. Patriots (3-2) - (DT/DE) Vince Oghobaase 6-6 300 lbs Duke
Oghobaase played DT in college but the Patriots switch him to DE in their 3-4 defense hoping he help fill the void of Richard Seymour.

21. Ravens (3-2) - (WR) Brandon LaFell 6-3 209 lbs LSU
LaFell give QB Joe Flacco a nice big, fast target.

22. Jets (3-2) - * (RB) Jonathan Dwyer 6-0 228 lbs Georgia Tech
Head coach Rex Ryan is all about defense and ball control, so Dwyer give Rex a work horse that they currently lack.

23. Steelers (3-2) - * (OG) Mike Pouncy 6-5 320 lbs Florida
The biggest weakness on the Steelers is the o-line. Pouncy has a great combination of strength and mobility.

24. Falcons (3-1) - * (DT) Brian Price 6-2 295 lbs UCLA
Price helps solidify the Falcons d-line. Price is a disruptive force and would be a top-10 pick in the 2011 draft.

25. Broncos (from Bears 3-1) - (TE) Jermaine Gresham 6-6 261 lbs Oklahoma
The Broncos are surprisingly good in their first year using the 3-4 defense, so they add a give Kyle Orton another weapon in the passing game. The Broncos offense could be scary good with this selection. The Broncos have a great offensive line, great young RB (Knowshon Moreno), stud WRs in Eddie Royal & Brandon Marshall, and then add Gresham to that mix.

26. Eagles (3-1) - (OLB) Sergio Kindal 6-4 255 lbs Texas
The Eagles like their LB’s big and physical and Kindle is their kind of guy. MLB Brandon Spikes could also be a consideration here, but they already have a very good MLB in Stewart Bradley.

27. Bengals (4-1) - (RB) C.J. Spiller 5-11 195 lbs Clemson
The Bengals have a good RB in Cedric Benson but Spiller is a outstanding play maker and a great value with the 27th pick.

28. Saints (4-0) - (DE) Greg Hardy 6-4 265 lbs Mississippi
Hardy has some questionable character problems, but he is worth the risk with the 28th pick.

29. Seahawks (from Broncos 5-0) - (OT) Charles Brown 6-6 295 lbs USC
It was hard for me to pass up Jahvid Best, but Charles Brown should be great value here at a need position for the Seahawks.

30. Vikings (5-0) - (QB) Tim Tebow 6-3 245 lbs Florida
The Vikings don’t allow Tebow, maybe the best college football player ever, to slip out of the first round. Tebow can be Farve’s backup and work on his throwing mechanics for a year. This is a run first team, so Tebow could be a good fit here.

31. Colts (5-0) - (MLB) Brandon Spikes 6-3 258 lbs Florida
The Colts need a LT(Tony Ugoh is a bust), but there may not be one worthy of this selection. The colts don’t normally use high draft picks on linebackers, but Spikes is a steal at this point of the draft.

32. Giants (5-0) - * (RB) Jahvid Best 5-10 195 lbs California
RB Ahmad Bradshaw is going to be a free agent so the Giants will need a change of pace RB to compliment Brandon Jacobs. Jahvid finds himself in the ideal situation and should thrive in his role with the Giants.

2nd round Seahawks - * (RB) DeMarco Murray 6-0 205 lbs Oklahoma
Murray is a shifty runner, with very good speed, and is a receiving threat out of the backfield.

3rd round Seahawks - traded away last year (Deon Butler)

4th round Seahawks - (QB) Jarrett Brown 6-4 221 lbs West Virginia
I have seen Brown play once this year and thought he had a lot of potential and this was confirmed to me after reading Kyle Rota’s one game scouting report on Brown. Brown has a strong arm and good mobility but he needs a couple of years of development.

5th round Seahawks - (FS) Nick Polk 6-0 225 lbs Indiana
I never heard of this guy until I caught a Indiana game and he just stood out by always being around the ball. Polk has a good combination of size and speed.

6th round Seahawks - (KR/PR) Trindon Holliday 5-5 161 lbs LSU
Holliday might be the fastest guy in college football. Opposing teams usually kick the ball out of bounds or squib kick it to prevent Holliday from returning the ball.

7th round Seahawks - (OT) Tony Washington 6-6 305 lbs Abilene Christian
Washington might be a diamond in the rough.

*** Jake Locker was not included in this mock draft, with the assumption he stays at Washington for his senior year.


Patrick said...

I absolutely love reading Mock Draft! This one is no different. However, I can't say I would really be happy with these selections. Since the Clemson game, I have been hearing that Derrick Morgan is a stud. However, getting a DE does not seem like our biggest need. Lawrence Jackson has so far been having a great year, as has Tapp. Kerney hasn't been as lucky, but we all know what he is capable of. Plus, you can't forget Nick Reed. I like Morgan, I just don't see it. It's like the drafts that have us taking Brandon Spikes, another first round linebacker. I also have my heart set on Jahvid Best, so seeing him slip to the Giants hurt a bit as well. I do like the first few picks however. I'd like to see Bradford go to the Rams, Suh to the Bucs, Mays to the Raiders, and Clausen to the Browns. It should definitely be interesting to see what happens.

Oh, and I like the Denver pick. It sort of reminds me of how Rob had them picking Moreno. Through the draft, there offense is becoming to be very good and I hope Seattle follows that with at least one pick and adds Best (Or Spiller. Not Dwyer though).

Anonymous said...

Rob or Matt, I like the Charles Brown pick. Frankly though, I didn't like the rest. First, I think Denver will start losing and it's likely they and Seattle wind up with roughly 8-8 records, so Seattle should have two mid 1st round picks. I would also bet my farm that Seattle makes every effort to trade down from one of those to get back the missing third round pick. I believe Ruskell planned last year when he made the trade with Denver to use one of those 1st rounders on a QB. In addition to an OT (not necessarily in the 1st round) I'd bet my shirt that we select a CB, RB and FS/SS in the first half of the draft, and not wait until round 5 to address those pressing needs. They will be seniors from major programs, not Abilene Christian. The RB will be large enough to be viewed as an every down back. Lastly, I doubt we take another flyer on a developmental QB. We have one of those. That's my 2 cents worth.

germpod said...

I think the reason DE is not being excluded for the Hawks pick is they are just so valuable. If you are to start a football team from scratch, DE may be the third player you would add, after QB and LT, since they make such a big impact.

Kevin said...

Where would Locker fall if he were to declare after this season?

Rob Staton said...

With regard to defensive ends... I think it could become a big need area. Darryl Tapp and Cory Redding are both free agents and Patrick Kerney has missed a lot of games in the last 3 and a bit seasons (He'll also be a year older). I don't think it's beyond the realms of possibility that those three won't be with the team in 2010, leaving us with Lo-Jack and Nick Reed.

Now, that's a very dramatic proposal and I imagine at least two of Tapp/Redding/Kerney will remain. But it shows how DE could become a need right at the top of our list.

At the same time, it's also a fine draft for DE's. Even considering bigger needs, you cant always fight your board.

1stHill said...

Anonymous, I did this mock with the current team records, not projecting where they will finish at the end of the year, and went with best player available. I didn’t do a trading scenario, although it is highly probable with Ruskell as our GM, because I personally think they are too hard to predict, and trade scenarios tend to get a little ridiculous/out of hand trying to fill all of your team‘s needs.

I’ve been doing this mock really just for myself for the past few weeks, updating it after every weekend. I had CB Perrish Cox 6-0 195 lbs (Oklahoma St) in the 2nd round and RB Montario Hardesty 6-0 215 lbs (Tennessee) in the 4th round in my mock last week, which might be more to your liking.

I would be interested to know which players you would have chosen for the Seahawks with the players available (without trading) in the 1st round. Also, what player would you like the Seahawks to target in rounds 2, and rounds 4 through 7.

1stHill said...

Kevin, if the season ended today and if Locker were to declare, then I think he would be a top-15 pick. Locker needs to continue to have a good season to be selected that high (he could be top-5 if he has a great season) because this is really his first year as a successful passer. The U of Washington's new coaching staff has really helped Locker progress as a passer and he finally has some decent talent surrounding him on offense.

As a U of Washington fan, I don’t think he will declare for the draft unless he is certain that he will be a top-5 pick. Locker is from Washington and came to U of Washington to be near his family and to turn Husky football back into a championship program. His teams have been bad and he is now finally tasting some success for the first time and if he were to leave after this season he might feel like he left without finishing what he had started. It also looks like he has a great relationship with new head coach Steve Sark. I personally would like him to stay in college another year to improve his skills. But, if he does declare for the draft I would love for the Seahawks to trade up to get him.

Anonymous said...

I personally really liked the draft and I completely agree with the first pick being used on BPA. Morgan just happened to be that guy this time around. The only pick I was not thrilled about was Demarco Murray. I don't know who was available in the second round, but I think there are much better options. Murray has an intriguing skill set, but I'm not crazy about using that high of a pick on a RB who isn't a complete gamechanger speed wise (yes he is fast, but not mismatch wise) or a big body who can shoulder the load and grind a defense into the ground.

Loved the Holliday and Folk pick and am becoming a fan of taking a chance on small school players later in the draft. Hopefully TR bends his rules this year and takes some chances for once. I feel like he is content with being an 8-8 team as long as he minimizes risk. Take a chance TR!

Patrick said...

I definitely think I was wrong with saying DE wasn't a need. I didn't realize both Tapp and Redding were becoming FA (I knew about Redding). I was a big fan of Brian Orakpo last year, and getting someone like him (or better) would certainly take our Defense to the next level.

Now, if I could choose which players Seattle picked, I would easily say Tim Tebow and Jahvid Best. My perfect scenario and I don't believe we'd have to trade up for either player. Now would this combination ever happen? I definitely think it could, but I really don't think it will. Fans would probably be upset because while we would be adding two marquee players, we would be neglecting some of our core positions like OL, DL, etc. Not to mention you either love Tebow or you hate him, and enough fans probably hate him that there would be some outrage. So, I don't think it will happen. I could see however a combination of OL/RB or DE/RB. For OL, I like Bryan Bulaga (Although I think he'll be gone by our picks), Charles Brown, and Anthony Davis. For DE, it's Derrick Morgan all the way. For RB, I definitely like Best. I could also see our 2nd round pick being a CB or S. Probably which ever has the BPA

1stHill said...

Patrick, I would be okay with drafting Tebow in the 2nd round, but I think he is too much of a project to use a 1st round pick on. I would feel more at ease using a 1st on him if we still had Mike Holmgren and Jim Zorn to coach him up, but I don't yet have the same confidence in are current coaching staff.

I know Tebow is overflowing with intangibles like outstanding leadership, great competitor, great work ethic, motivator, and very high character; but his slow release and horrible throwing mechanics could get him killed playing behind our offensive line.

I'm with you on wanting Jahvid Best. I want a big time playmaker on offense in the worst way, be it Spiller, Best, or Georgia Tech WR Demaryius Thomas.

Anonymous said...

1stHill, I understood your draft order. Lot's of guys use current record, or power rankings. Since the mock itself is a prediction, I'd rather predict draft order also. You were right, I do like Cox in the 2nd and Hardesty in the 4th. Cox also provides dynamic return skills, something we're lacking unless we want to risk injury to a starting WR or CB. No problem with Morgan in the 1st, except I hope he slips to late first and we can trade down as suggested earlier and still get him. I do agree with BPA in the 1st round either way. So, Cox in the 2nd, Coleman (SS-LSU) in the 3rd, Hardesty in the 4th, Eric Olsen (C-Notre Dame) in the 5th, Granger (DT-Oklahoma) in the 6th (recovering from back surgery, so taking a bit of a flyer on his full recovery), and last but not least, Leigh Tiffin (K-Alabama).

Anonymous said...

I don't think Brandon Spikes is a first round MLB. I don't think he is a 3 down LB in the NFL and if Laurinitis and Maualuga slip to the second round, I just don't see how teams snatch up Spikes in the 1st.

rakeback said...

I think with Sam Bradfords latest injury he could slip substantially and maybe out of the top 5 or 10 picks with his injury concerns. I think the Tebow to Vikings pick would be pretty interesting given the young talent there.