Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thursday links

Wes Bunting from the National Football Post has published an updated 'Super 30' prospects list for the 2010 draft. Interestingly, he puts Jake Locker (QB, Washington) right at the top. Bunting also has praise for Iowa offensive lineman Bryan Bulaga, who returned last weekend from a thyroid problem. He's possibly the best bet for a top ranked tackle in 2010, should he choose to declare.

Mel Kiper at ESPN has a renewed big board. You'll have to have 'Insider' rights to see the full list, but there's a top five teaser available. Kiper has jumped on the Jake Locker bandwagon (he's ranked at #4) whilst Sam Bradford, somewhat defiantly, remains his top prospect. Whilst undoubtedly Kiper is correct on Bradford's accuracy, he's also got a side arm throwing motion and doesn't put his body into his throws - therefore failing to generate much velocity.

Joe Schad reports that Dez Bryant has been deemed ineligible by Oklahoma State, something that could severely damage his draft stock. The wide receiver has big play ability and some eye catching numbers - but he's also inconsistent. Bryant is alleged to have broken a NCAA bylaw by visiting Deion Sanders home and working out for the former NFL star. It remains to be seen if he'll return before next year's draft, for which he'll almost certainly declare.

Rob Rang weighs in on the Dez Bryant news. "NFL teams certainly would question Bryant about his improper dealings, but as we saw last year with former Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith (who was suspended for the Sugar Bowl due to similar charges), teams are often willing to overlook these indiscretions."

Also from Rang some strong words for those criticizing newly signed 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree. "For those of you who enjoy badmouthing professional athletes and some of their dubious decisions, laugh now, because Crabtree has the kind of talent to rival Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin as the premier pass-catchers of the NFC West division - and he could do so within a year from now." Seattle are set to host Crabtree and San Francisco on week 13.

Walter Cherepinsky has published an updated mock draft. The Seahawks take Joe Haden (CB, Florida) with the 14th overall pick and Jahvid Best (RB, California) with the 21st pick. They also take Jason Fox (OT, Miami) in round two.

Scott Wright also has a new mock available for viewing. The Seahawks take Jake Locker (QB, Washington) with the 10th overall pick and again running back Jahvid Best later on. I'll be very surprised if, as Wright predicts, Eric Berry (S, Tennessee), Russel Okung (OT, Oklahoma State) and Trent Williams (OT, Oklahoma) go in the top ten.


Patrick said...

Jake Locker and Jahvid Best? Yep, I'd be thrilled!! Although if you switched out Locker for Tebow or Bradford, I'd be equally excited. Just give me a QB.

germpod said...

Give me a QB and CJ Spiller :-)

Mr Fish said...

I pity any QB or RB who has to play behind our current line.

Locker and Best/Spiller would be nice picks, but only if we also address the problems on the o-line. Since Rob seems to be saying there's no first-round o-line talent, I guess that means doing something in the second round

Rob Staton said...

You could look at it this way though - if the Seahawks did draft a rookie QB, they could sit for a year behind Hasselbeck/Wallace (Hasselbeck's contract ends after 2010). That way you aren't subjecting the rookie to a sub standard offense line. Essentially that gives the Seahawks two drafts and two free agency's to get better there before the new guy becomes the starters.

Of course, that's if the team does decide to draft a QB. I'm yet to be convinced any of the prospects out there scream 'Ruskell', expect Tim Tebow perhaps.

With regard to the line, it's worth keeping an eye on Bryan Bulaga at Iowa. He might the one guy who can rise to the top should he decide to declare.