Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sam Bradford to enter 2010 draft


Patrick said...

Alright! I'm glad to hear he made a decision, and I do believe it was the right choice. Depending on whether or not Clausen and Locker declare, this should be very interesting.

Today, I looked at a lot of games from a draft prospect and two QB moves stood out to me.

First, Alex Smith. I know, it's only one game. However, when quite a few mock drafts have 49ers picking a QB, this is an interesting development.

Also, Jamarcus Russell. I never expected Oakland to actually bench him. I have seen a few mock drafts that have Oakland actually selecting Jake Locker. Today proved that maybe Russell isn't quite as safe as I thought. It hardly means they are giving up on him, but before today I really thought he was untouchable. Now, I'm not as sure...

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