Thursday, 7 May 2009

Bucky Brooks' top senior prospects

Bucky Brooks at has listed the top senior prospects to keep an eye on in 2009 ahead of next year's draft. Tim Ruskell favors four year starters and guys who stay in school over underclassmen and with Seattle owning two first round picks in 2010 - there may be some future Seahawks amongst this group.

On paper it certainly looks a stronger senior class. Brooks has Brandon Spikes, Greg Hardy and George Selvie outside of his top ten which is some indication of the depth. There's one noticeable absentee - probably the most high profile senior of the lot. Tim Tebow anyone? He's not in this top 16 and this is likely a debate we'll be hearing a lot all the way through to next year's event.


Seth H. said...

Tim Tebow is an ugly prospect. He's been in an option offense, had a good o-line, good receivers, good tight end, and one of the best defenses.
When he didn't have a running back it let him scrabmle. It revealed he's not fast.

When he hsa been asked to pass, he's not a highly accurate passer. To help with the worry about the spread/option, Urban Meyer is going to put Tebow in the I formation more. Many people think he's going to have to play fullback/h-back or tight end in the pros.

Since he's not played the positions he's projected at, it makes him risky if he doesn't work out at te/fb.

That's my two cents on Tebow anyway.

Rob Staton said...

I would tend to agree with you Seth.