Saturday, 2 May 2009

The definitive Curry compilation

As mini-camp's get under way all across the NFL, here's what to expect from Seattle's latest first round pick. Enjoy the highlights - we'll be seeing a lot more of this at Qwest Field soon. The awful intro music ends after 1:24.


Louis said...

Man...imagine if you and merged...that would be one heck of a website

And it possibly could happen too...since already has a few different contributers. And, more people would probably comment on your news, as there are a bunch of commenters over there at

is that something u might consider? or would u rather just keep ur blogs separate?

Rob Staton said...

The guys at Seahawk Addicts do a great job and are very good at reporting on day-to-day Seahawks news and analysis. I wanted to create a niche blog based purely on the draft, so I think it's good that both blogs remain unique. We've done some joint ventures before like podcasts etc and have a good working relationship which I'm sure will continue.

Mind of no mind said...

Cool video. I get so sick of the hip hop music that usually gets used in sports highlight videos. I've been a fan of NOFX for a long time now, so it was a good song to listen to while watching Curry busting heads, even if it was only for the first minute and twenty seconds of it.

I love the part where the announcer calls Currys name even without seeing the jersey based on the hit put on the runner.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I missed it but does anyone know how much Aaron Curry actually signed with the Seahawks. I am guessing it was 6 years 50 million but I cant seem to find it.

Rob Staton said...

Anonymous, Curry is yet to sign his deal. We wont likely hear anything until just before training camp in the summer.