Friday, 1 May 2009

Matt McGuire's 2010 big board

Matt McGuire today looks ahead to the 2010 draft by naming his early big board. It's still very premature to discuss next year's event but there's no harm in taking a quick look, especially with Seattle owning two first round picks.

"The 2010 NFL Draft has the potential to be the most talented draft in the past 15 years. It is simply on an elite level, comparable to 2004, but possibly with more depth. Just listing my top 25 players for next season doesn't do next year's projection justice. There could be 45-50 players with first-round grades come next April."

Looking at the names on his list and the various other 2010 mock drafts we've seen this week, it's hard to argue that the draft has a lot of potential. Like McGuire though, I firmly believe the main value could come on the defensive side of the ball.

"Next year's class looks strong at both linebacker and defensive line. I am not impressed with the current quarterback or running back talent. Watch out for Sam Bradford's game to get picked apart next season."

Of course a lot can change over the course of a college football season. This time last year, nobody was talking about Jason Smith, Aaron Curry, Mark Sanchez and Tyson Jackson as top five picks. Lists like McGuire's are fun to look at and can be used as a 'watch list'. However, expect a few changes by the time we're looking at the 2010 draft in greater depth.


Mind of no mind said...

I think you make a good point about using this kind of stuff as a watch list. I don't follow college football outside of the Huskies, so it will be cool to follow your blog and get an idea each weekend on which players to keep an eye on, especially when those players are playing against the Huskies.

Rob Staton said...

With this being a draft blog, we almost have to turn our attentions to 2010 sooner than most would think acceptable. As the new college football gets closer we'll run through which prospects to keep an eye on, we'll have some scouting reports and reviews. With Seattle having two first round picks in 2010, there's going to be even more focus on who's going to be the top prospects.

All I can ask is that during this relatively quiet time for draft news people stick with the blog. I'll keep it updated as often as possible. I can't thank the regular readers enough for making this blog what it is and I hope we can continue that into next season.

Anonymous said...


love the blog, definitely sticking with it.

Don't know who I like better... Eric Berry or Taylor Mays... and there sure are some burly DTs coming out next year... man, we could have ourselves one of the best defenses in the NFL... even if that means neglecting offense a little... well, a lot...

Rob Staton said...

Thanks annonymous, it's much appreciated.

The defensive tackle class has massive potential in 2010. Gerald McCoy would have probably gone in the top ten this year. Ndamukong Suh is also very highly regarded and then you have 'Mount Cody'. No doubt the offense needs some attention with a lot of it's key components getting up in age. But you have to play the cards you're dealt and if the talent is elsewhere, you cant afford to handcuff yourself by need. Getting premium defensive talent, as shown with Aaron Curry this year, is also a nice way to build a football team.

Mind of no mind said...

Like Anonymous, I'm sticking to this blog as long as you are. And while I have no problem looking ahead to 2010, I'm also hoping that you'll continue to share your insight on the current draft class as they develop as NFL players.

I'm sure all the Seahawk blogs will keep up with them to an extent, but I'd love to see your analysis on this draft class once the season actually starts, hopefully on a week to week basis. Last season, I don't think I heard any kind of progress reports on the rookie class until about halfway through the season.

But whatever you decide to do, keep up the good work!

Rob Staton said...

That's certainly something I will be working on when the season starts. I plan to follow the rookie class of 2009 closely with weekly progress reports, analysis and hopefully highlights too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, Nice job on this blog. It's become a regular stop for me. I'll keep coming back.

The second poster said, "Don't know who I like better... Eric Berry or Taylor Mays...", my thoughts exactly. Either one would be fantastic.

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