Thursday, 28 May 2009

Reed: "I need to work harder than the next guy"

Greg Johns from the Seattle P.I. recently wrote an excellent piece on Nick Reed, 7th round pick by the Seahawks in April's draft.

The former Duck recorded an incredible 25 sacks in his final two years at Oregon, yet still wasn't invited to the combine due to his lack of NFL size.

"I take it as motivation. I take it as whatever I want. I need to work harder than the next guy. I need to know the playbook better than the next guy. I need to know the other team better than the next guy. I understand that. It's never going to be easy for me, but that's how it's always been."
-Nick Reed

When I was doing research into Seattle's draft picks after the event, the one thing I noticed about Reed was that he plays the game in the right manner. He'll hit you with surprising force one minute, but he'll offer a hand to help you to your feet moments later.

Basically, he's the stereotypical Seattle Seahawk.


Jim said...

He's the kind of player you want to root for...with one exception.

Cruel as it sounds, I worry about the relative lack of size by the Seahawks D. Small and quick work really well until you run into a team that runs it right at you.


Predictions on whether Reed makes the team?

Thanks for a great Web site!

Rob Staton said...

Hi Jim,

Obviously the size issue will count. As he admits, he's going to always be fighting that battle. I can only see him having a future as perhaps a linebacker, as a DE in this league I'm not sure he has the size.

But then you put on the tape and you see this great pass rusher from a DE position, beating bigger guys to get to the QB. I wouldn't rule anything out.

I think he has some special teams value and could make the team in 2009 that way.

Thanks for the positive feedback too - always appreciated. I'll be covering the 2009 season in a lot more detail over the next 2 weeks, so stay tuned.

akki said...

Once upon a time, the Seahawks drafted a 7th round DE who:
-was the all-time sack leader at a major conference school
-weighed only 245 lbs and was considered too small for DE
-made up for lack of size with intensity and relentlessness

He was future Pro-Bowler Michael McCrary. Reed is a couple inches shorter than McCrary is, so it'll be more difficult for him to bulk up, and any tweener making it is still abnormal, but you can't write him off too easily.

Rob Staton said...

As Dan Quinn has vouched - there's certainly something to work with. You put on the film and you see this guy who just flat out makes plays. Seattle are in the position now where they can check him out and see if he can do the same things despite the lack of size against NFL lineman.

If he can, he could find a way to stick with the team. If not - it was completely worth the 7th round pick spent to take a look.