Tuesday, 5 May 2009

More premature 2010 draft talk

The ever increasing popularity of the NFL draft has once again been confirmed by the continued premature analysis of next year's event. With the 2009 draft a mere 9 days in the past, already attentions are being turned to the class of '10. Fairly soon we'll be dissecting Sam Bradford's technique, taking a look at what projects to be a vintage year for defensive line talent and asking - Berry or Mays? It's often said that there's no off season in the NFL, I'm beginning to think the draft is becoming a year long topic of discussion too.

Matt McGuire publishes a very early mock draft. Interestingly, he has Arrelious Benn (WR, Illinois) going first overall. The Seahawks pick at #7 and #20, taking Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma) and Major Wright (S, Florida).

Chris Steuber also takes a look at 2010. Steuber's mocks are always the most aesthetically pleasing. Seattle pick a #6 and #8 here, selecting Colt McCoy (QB, Texas) and Eric Berry (S, Tennessee). I'm not sure when all is said and done that McCoy goes this high, but I'm really looking forward to watching Berry this year - he's my kind of safety.

NFL Draft Prophecies publish an early prediction although I think Jevon Snead (QB, Ole Miss) and not Sam Bradford will end up being the quarter back to keep an eye on. The Seahawks take Seattle born Taylor Mays (S, USC) and Russel Okung (OT, Oklahoma State).


Anonymous said...

Rob, nice collection of 2010 info. I for one can't wait. I hope the Hawks take the opportunity to stock the "D" with those 1st round picks. On the "O" side so much depends on the health and performance of Hass, Walt, Locklear at LT, JJ/Duckett and our collection of WR's. I wouldn't see us taking Okung, for example, unless Walt falters and Locklear doesn't impress in his place. The QB's are always a wild card, but there is no question we could improve the "D". My hope is that we spend the 1st 3 picks on DT, SS and CB. A good "D" could be turned into a Ravens type of dominating "D" if we choose wisely. As far as Berry vs. Mays or Wright, I yearn for a big, intimidating hitter, so all else being equal would lean toward Mays.

Rob Staton said...

Hi annonymous,

The quarter back debate is an interesting one. I wouldn't advocate taking McCoy or Tebow for example particularly early, and I have reservations about Bradford. The chances are whoever becomes the No1 rated QB, be it Bradford or Snead for example, they will probably go first overall unless a Detroit or an Oakland pick at No1.

It's still too early to guess what Seattle's needs will be or who will declare/come forward in 2009. It'll be interesting to watch though, especially with Seattle picking twice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and thanks again Josh McDaniels. I just can't say thank you enough. It will be fun next year, particularly if we can replace our lost 3rd rounder and garner a couple more picks in rounds 2-4, maybe even trade down from one of our 1st's for more. I do think we need to upgrade DT and DB though, regardless of what happens in 2009. We're old and a number of key players will be FA. The LB's are the only position on "D" that seem well stocked. DE may be OK if Tapp, Jackson, Atkins and Bennett step up, given that Redding will be a FA and Kerney is getting old.

Rob Staton said...

It really depends where Seattle pick. I remember thinking Dallas would be picking first overall when Cleveland traded to get Brady Quinn, and they ended up with a pick in the 20's. The early indications are that it could be a good year for DE's and DT's. They are crucial positions on the defense and the expensive LB's need that pressure from the front to make plays.