Saturday, 9 May 2009

Curry's emotional journey complete

During the draft process Rob Rang has been following Aaron Curry on his journey into the NFL. Today he concludes his superb four part series with the Seahawks' latest first round pick. It was an emotional ride for the former Wake Forest linebacker and he discusses his rapid introduction into the pro's when he was thrust amongst the veteran starters in mini-camp.

"The league provided a cell phone this year for each of the 10 invited players. Placed on the tables in which the players and their families were assigned, they had numbers which had been circulated to all of the teams. Unlike the player's cell phones, which could go off at any moment with a call from anyone, these would only ring if called by NFL teams. Players knew that when their "special phone" rang, it was a call they didn't want to miss.

That moment came shortly after the Chiefs took Jackson, when Curry's special phone rang. The voice he heard was Mora's, and Curry's eyes welled with tears." - Rob Rang, CBS Sportsline

I'd strongly recommend checking out the previous entries in this draft diary. The three other articles can be found here 1, 2, 3. It's great work again from Rob Rang and truly shows how lucky the Seahawks are to have a man like Aaron Curry joining their franchise.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, still does not u know what the problem is?

Rob Staton said...

Not sure annonymous, I was on the site earlier and it was working fine. I'm sure the guys will get it sorted.

Patrick said...

I am beyond excited for this pick. He is going to be a amazing player. Coming from someone who thought he really wanted Crabtree, I honestly think if I had done more research on Curry I would have seen what an exceptional human being and player he really is. I hope when he signs his contract we give him all of money he deserves.

Mase said...

First, I'd like to mention that you do a great job with this blog, Rob.

I suspect signing Curry is going to be easy. I have a feeling that he is going to let his agent know that he wants to be in camp when it starts because he has a lot to learn. And, Seattle should be fair with their end of the negotiations.

I'm psyched to be able to root for this guy.