Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Prospects in review: Max Unger & Aaron Curry

John Morgan at Field Gulls is currently running a couple of great features, reviewing the play of recent Seahawks draftees Aaron Curry and Max Unger. The first piece looks at how Unger graded out in a game against Oklahoma State.

"Unger is built long and his musculature is decidedly working man's. He looks like a butcher or a blacksmith. He has good weight distribution and very good balance. Out of the blocks or one the move, Unger has great explosive power. He unloads and powers through his blocks showing good hip snap and hand placement. That allows him to get under and topple defenders."

Morgan then breaks down Aaron Curry's performance in a game between Wake Forest and Boston College. Spread over three articles (1, 2 ,3) it's a pretty fair review looking at the highs and lows of Curry's display.

"BC runs a zone read with Crane keeping it. Alphonso Smith strikes from the third level forcing an arcing fumble. Curry pushes Anderson aside and shows good body control and good hands to scoop the loose ball. Yet another reason to run away from Aaron Curry -- if only anyone could."

Overall Morgan's work is real draftnik's delight. It's the kind of thing I love to read when the off season is pretty quiet and not much is happening. Well worth checking out if you feel the same way.


Anonymous said...

Morgan is highly overrated, kind of like a cult by it's members. Like a cult, serious criticism of him is not allowed on his blog. Like the head of a cult, his access to truth is trumped up and fabricated. He doesn't have overhead game tape. How is he going to see all the play of DBs and QBs, LBs off TV tape? He can't. Like you said, a fun read by Seahawk addicts in the dregs of offseason, but nothing more. Certainly shouldn't put too much stock in it.

eric said...

From an Arizona Cardinals fan point of view and being a blogger, I hated that you guys drafted Aaron Curry. Matter of fact I just wrote a post about your team as an NFC West review.

You already have Lofa Tatupu, re-signed Leroy Hill and now you add Curry to that mix. Geeesh, where's Beanie Wells gonna run? I think the addition of Mora will be good for your team. cant wait till our first meeting.

Rob Staton said...

Hi eric, always great to hear from a fan of a NFC West rival. In all honesty, with the offense you have there aren't many NFC defenses I'd be too worried about. Adding Beanie Wells to the stack of talent you have on offense is a scary proposition.

Having said that, I expect the Seahawks to be much more competitive next year. In fact, I think the entire NFC West will be a much improved division. Hopefully we'll see a battle for the division and maybe even a couple of teams in the playoffs for a change?