Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Chris Steuber, he of the aesthetically pleasing graphics and presentation, has put together a nice piece for discussing which rookies are most likely to fit certain criteria. Two Seahawks are mentioned, both with interesting consequences. As you can see from the image above, Steuber thinks Aaron Curry is the guy most likely to be named 'defensive rookie of the year'. For my take on Curry's chances of winning the award click here.

"Since 2000, the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award has gone to a linebacker eight times; a linebacker has currently won the award six years in a row. The only year that it went to another position was in 2002 when Carolina Panthers DE Julius Peppers won the award. Another linebacker will receive the award this year, and it should be a consensus pick, Seattle Seahawks first round pick Aaron Curry. He was my No. 1 prospect entering the 2009 NFL Draft and he will emerge as the top defensive rookie this year." - Chris Steuber

But perhaps even more interesting is who Steuber thinks will be 'rookie most likely to be a steal in five years'. Mike Teel, quarterback taken in the 6th round by Seattle, is given the title. Steuber argues that the former Rutgers signal caller has the skills, it's just a question of consistency. If he can find the right system and become a more reliable force - he could be the potential heir apparent to Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle.

"Since 1998, there have been four quarterbacks selected in the sixth round that have gone on to be Pro Bowl players: Matt Hasselbeck, Marc Bulger, Tom Brady and Derek Anderson. I'm not going to compare Teel with any of the quarterbacks mentioned, but if he develops and can become a more consistent thrower, he has a chance to be a quality starter in the league." - Chris Steuber

Let me know what you think. What does Aaron Curry have to do to win rookie of the year? Can Mike Teel become the team's starting quarter back one day? Have your say by clicking the comments section below or email


Anonymous said...

I think Curry has a couple things going against him in terms of getting DROY... playing next to Lofa and Leroy will likely prevent him from putting up eye-popping numbers; and the fact that the Hawks have no prime-time games.
However, with last year being such a train wreck, the team can only go up... and Curry will get credit for improvements the defense makes as long as he plays up to his potential.

kearly said...

If Seattle finishes in the playoffs with a winning record, that will help.

If the defense is part of the reason for that turnaround that will help.

If Curry is the unquestioned star of said defense, that will help.

If Seattle is another 6-10 team with a defense in the mid-20's and Curry has 100+ tackle, 5+ sack, 2+ INT type season, he will probably deserve the award, but I really doubt people would even remember he exists playing for a team like that in the corner of the country.

Rob Staton said...

Patrick Willis won the award during a poor year for the 49ers. But this will be Curry's problem. Willis was the integral figure in a poor defense allowing him to register an enormous tally of tackles. He also played ILB in a 34. If Curry had been taken by the Chiefs I'd think he'd be a lock for the award as his role would mirror Willis'. In Seattle's 43 at OLB he'll not have the scope to make a huge amount of tackles so he'll need to get sacks and interceptions. As you say Kearly, the Seahawks having a bounce back season will help his chances. 34 lb's have an advantage when it comes to rookie of the year.