Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thursday links

Mel Kiper has published his latest big board. He still has Sam Bradford at the top spot, but Ndamukong Suh moves up to #2 ahead of Eric Berry. Jake Locker is added to the list for the first time, shooting up to number four. Trent Williams suffers the most dramatic fall, dropping all the way down to #23. Check out the video above for Mel and Todd McShay's views on tonight's Cincinnati vs USF encounter.

Dennis Dodds hops on the Ndamukong Suh bandwagon (about a week after everyone else did): "Suh is coming off what might be the best game ever by a collegiate defensive tackle. On a rain-soaked Faurot Field at Missouri on Thursday, he was seemingly the only once with balance, so much so that he put together one of the more staggering lines for a tackle -- six tackles, a sack, a forced fumble, two pass breakups and an interception that led to the winning touchdown."

Walter Cherepinsky puts out an updated mock draft. The Seahawks are taking USC offensive tackle Charles Brown and California running back Jahvid Best in round one. Both seem a bit of a reach to me, judged on perceived needs and not necessarily what the Seahawks will do. He also takes Matt McGuire's recent criticism of Carlos Dunlap on face value - I think it's a bit OTT personally.

Draft Tek's sophisticated software has computerised a new mock draft. You'll possibly notice subsequent remarks for the two Seahawks picks (CJ Spiller and Marvin Austin) were provided by me. I didn't make the picks, but I did offer advice on the team's biggest needs... the computer does the rest. On a side note, I'll be truly stunned if the top three goes Colt McCoy, Russell Okung and then Taylor Mays.


Patrick said...

I would be shocked as well to see Colt McCoy go first overall (Although I suppose some team might believe into Mel Kiper's strange comparison to Drew Brees and make him a late first rounder). As the names begin to solidify a bit, a part of me keeps going back and looking at Mike Teel. The only QB I would 100% like to take in this draft is Tim Tebow. The rest just aren't doing as much for me. Bradford would be my #2 (although I think he'll be gone before we pick), or Jake Locker, but really it just isn't making me as excited.

Last year, the player I wanted so much was Michael Crabtree. After seeing Burleson and Houshmandzadeh so far this year, I know Crabtree would have been a luxury and probably done well, but I could not be happier with how Aaron Curry turned out. This year there is a tie for my most wanted player with Tebow/ Jahvid Best.

I just think there is a part of me that would love to grab that franchise QB, but the other is a big fan of Mike Teel. Watching his play at Rutgers and how he handled himself in preseason, I just have to wonder if any of these QBs would really be that much better. As crazy as it sounds, I'd take Teel over Sanchez. Sure Sanchez is doing well now and will probably win Rookie of the Year, but his personality always turned me off. Teel just seems like he has a lot of potential. And picking someone so high might send Hasselbeck packing sooner than later. Hasselbeck belongs on our team for as long as he can make it. Instead of drafting that QB, I can't help but think the biggest change we need to do is move Wallace to 3rd string (or drop him) and promote Teel into the backup spot. See what he can do, and bolster other positions this year (Like RB). If next year, Teel cannot make it if Hasselbeck gets injured, then we will know.

Anonymous said...

Mark Sanchez's personality turned you off and Michael Crabtree's didn't?

Patrick said...

Ha ha, very good point. In my defense, the "real" Crabtree didn't really show himself until I was already convinced I wanted him

Rob Staton said...

In fairness to Michael Crabtree, throughout the college season last year the vast majority of the draft analysis leading up to his injury - nobody assumed any character issues. Sanchez had a couple of public issues that would have been heavily researched by teams all accross the league.

Certainly those issues would have been a cause for concern if they were felt to be something that could happen again. I believe everyone was satisfied that Sanchez was a straight character, but certainly those issues during last season were being discussed as potential red flags.

I think every fan of every NFL team wants their team to find that long term answer at QB. Some teams have hit lucky - for example Atlanta with Matt Ryan. Others not so much - Oakland and Russell.

The fact Matt Hasselbeck has missed so much time has given us a potential glimpse into the future without an adequate long term heir and it hasn't been a particularly pleasant watch. The Seahawks must prepare for the long term next off season. Whether that means putting a lot of faith in Mike Teel or not, we'll have to see. They may even feel particularly strongly about Seneca Wallace, but his last two performances for the Seahawks were not good enough to suggest that should be a foregone conclusion.

With Hasselbeck's deal ending in 2010, now is the time to prepare. Will they use the draft? Will they look to make a trade? Will a free agent arrive? Who knows. I'd be very surprised if they didn't have a plan, or at least one or two guys they have their eye on... even if they really rate Teel. I'd be surprised if Ruskell would gamble on an underclassman QB unless he felt they were just flat out quality. Ruskell probably loves everything about Tebow except his mechanics... but that to an extent makes Tebow as much of a gamble as the underclassman - even if everything about him screams Ruskell.

I remain sceptical about the 2010 draft class at QB, especially without much time to bed a guy in. I don't see a Drew Brees type waiting on a plate like what happened in New Orleans. It's not an ideal situation to be in by any means, but at least having two first round picks gives the team options... whether it's a trade or a draft pick.

Anonymous said...

Ruskell isn't unwilling to draft underclassmen. Tatupu was a junior, as was Spencer I believe. I'm sure he will take a junior over a senior if the talent is greater.


Kyle Rota said...

You're right, TJ.

Unlike the "small school" or "character problem" guys, Ruskell does seem willing to take Juniors.

But, has Ruskell taken one since his first draft? Things were in some disarray then. I don't think he's ruled them out, but I think he may have a preference.

He may not have a choice in 2010, though. There could be a mass exodus of juniors from the college ranks.

Michael said...

Marvin Austin? Wow. Perhaps one of the most overrated players at DT, and a junior to boot. I live in Charlotte, and I follow UNC. You would be wise to take a peek at Joe Haden and Brandon Ghee. Marvin Austin is almost a guaranteed "no shot".

Michael said...

Ignore above comment. Comparing DT to CB is lame. Perhaps my angst is best left to the Draftek big board. Nice work on the blog. I think I'll keep to reading it. I'll come off smarter for it.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, if we drafted Tebow, I am going to drive down to VMAC and turn in my blue jersey to Ruskell as he is arriving for work and burn the 12th man flag hanging in my front lawn...

Major busto action written all over Tebow. Yes, he is one of the greatest college QBs ever but he can't pass the ball. All he is a fullback playing QB..put your head down and plow ahead, that is his signature move..

Say no to Tebow please...

Rob Staton said...

I would agree with you regarding Marvin Austin - Michael. I don't like the pick personally. Basically, they asked me for Seattle's big needs. I put the usuals - QB, OT, RB... but added defensive line too because it stands to be a good class that Seattle should have some interest in. The computer took Spiller and Austin, and I just provided the comments. I didn't praise Austin in those remarks, simply that Seattle could go D-line in round one.

Their big board needs some work as you say. Colt McCoy will not go first overall. Glad you like the blog - please feel free to contribute in the comments section and let me know your thoughts whenever you get a chance.