Friday, 20 November 2009

Is Derrick Morgan the next Patrick Kerney?

Possibly, according to Matt McGuire at In his latest prospect review, McGuire praises Derrick Morgan's ability to play in the 4-3 listing his burst, hand use and pass rush repertoire as reasons why he'll almost certainly go in the top twenty picks next year. So when comparing the Georgia Tech defensive end to a current NFL star, who does McGuire pick out? Seattle's very own Patrick Kerney:

"Kerney's motor, strength, and initial quickness has made him a successful player in the NFL. I see similar traits in Morgan." - Matt McGuire,


kearly said...

In his prime, Kerney earned his money with excellent arm use. He could use his long, wirey arms to keep OT's out of his body, then use his formidable upper body strength to toss OT's aside like rag-dolls.

Unless Morgan is exceptional with his arms and upper body, I'm not sure I'd compare him to Kerney. Kerney is "high motor" but he wouldn't have done shit in the NFL on just that alone.

Patrick said...

I like the comparison a lot. Having a younger version of Kerney (with even more upside) sounds incredibly tempting!

Now, assuming we stick with a 4-3 scheme, which position do you think holds more weight: DT or DE? I believe Ndamukong Suh will be selected by the Bucs, but assuming we are picking 6-10 we may have a chance at either Derrick Morgan or Gerald McCoy. Which do you think is the better pick? While to me a DE seems like it would have more of an impact, our DT haven't really stood out at all this year.

Michael said...

I could get with a good young DE in this draft. I just don't trust Timmy to pick the right one.

Rob Staton said...

Interesting question Patrick. I think I'd have to say Gerald McCoy simply because he has elite potential. Tommy Harris is a fair comparison. No doubt the Seahawks have to get a better edge rush, but I'm not sure you can pass on McCoy if he's available. I've got five games to watch this weekend. I'm doing a live broadcast on an English soccer game today on the south coast... Meaning a 5 hour drive home. When I get back I'll get to work and have some notes on the blog later on saturday.

bob said...

Get it right and trade up for Suh. If there's such thing as a sure thing... it's him.