Saturday, 7 November 2009

Spiller for Heisman?

C.J. Spiller today vs Florida State: 165 rushing yards and a touchdown (8 yards per carry average) and 67 receiving yards (including a 58-yard touchdown reception).

C.J. Spiller in 2009: 739 rushing yards, 334 receiving yards, 721 return yards and 12 total touchdowns.


Anonymous said...

Dear TR,

If you still have a job with the Hawks going into the 2010 draft, CJ Spiller better be at the top of your list. He even fits your stringent criteria. Being a realist, I'm not going to get my hopes up too high because you continually let the fans down. If it's not obvious that a game changer is needed, it's time to get those lenses replaced on your glasses with some thicker ones.


a fan

P.S. please grow a set by April.

Rob Staton said...

One of the main reasons I think Seattle struggle on the road is the lack of 'cheap points' on offense. There isn't really anyone who can just turn it on in a single play. It was a massive need last year and they put their hopes on Houshmandzadeh and the investment they'd already made in Julius Jones. The simple fact is - this offense scares nobody. It has to be pretty perfect to really threaten. It's neat and tidy, lacks big play potential. The running game offers no real speed threat, the passing game equally lacks a true deep threat.

You put Spiller in there, he can return kicks... catch passes... run deep routes... break off huge runs. He'll get you a TD every week but they'll come in different ways. He has that same kind of potential as Percy Harvin to be involved in many different ways but always involved.

It's also important to stress those stats listed in the blog post could be even better. He's been rested in a couple of easy games (like last week when he left the game after scoring on the first drive).

1stHill said...

Rob, do you think spiller is going to be an every down RB or does he need to be in a rotation with a bigger RB?

If the Seahawks draft Spiller do you think they should draft another RB to compliment him? Maybe use a 4th round pick on Brandon Tate of Auburn, whom is a very good runner between the offensive tackles', whom could be a our power RB. A rotation of Tate and Spiller would be great, although selecting a RB in the 1st round and 4th round may not be the best use of resources.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree. Get Spiller in the first or McKnight in the 2nd. And in round 4 get a Tate or Hardesty or Charles Scott who is a grinder. Speed and Power right there.

It's funny because they want a dominant running game, but don't want to spend the money to do so. It's like somebody who really wants a nice sports car but isn't willing to spend more than 10K. If you want something (ie a dominant running game) you gotta spend the money to get the proper parts to make it go.

If we don't go QB with one of the first 3 picks, then I'm hoping we spend it on O-line and a top notch RB so that whenever we do draft a QB, he's in a sweet position of being able to rely on a running game.

Great work Rob. Love the blog.

Rob Staton said...

1st Hill - Spiller will work best in a committee. In fairness, he's taken on a fair work load for Clemson this year during games where he's in on nearly every offensive snap and been used as a 'feature' back. But in the NFL, he'll be best used alongside a more powerful partner, keeping him fresh and his playmaking qualities at a premium.

But, if you needed him to come in on some games and carry the load, I think he could do it. I just wouldn't want him to do it most weeks.