Friday, 6 November 2009

Some weekend mocks

Rob Rang updated his mock draft today. The chart says USC tight end Anthony McCoy is going to Seattle with the 9th overall pick, but it's obviously supposed to be Texas quarterback Colt McCoy looking at Rang's description. I have to say, I can't see it myself. I'll be very surprised if he ends up going in round one, let alone the top ten. The Seahawks take Trent Williams (OT, Oklahoma) with their second pick, another move I'm not overly keen on.

Chad Reuter also publishes a new prediction on CBS Sportsline. He send Russell Okung (OT, Oklahoma State) and C.J. Spiller (RB, Clemson) to the Seahawks. I love the second pick but I'll be surprised if Spiller lasts that long, especially if he runs a great 40 time at the combine. I'm not a fan of taking Okung that early but I think he'll probably end up going near the top of the draft due to the limited talent at offensive tackle this year.

Walter Cherepinsky also thinks the Seahawks will target an offensive lineman early in round one - this time Maryland's Bruce Campbell. I've not seen much of Campbell in fairness, but I believe he's suffered a lot of injury problems. California running back Jahvid Best is the second pick for Seattle as the Seahawks look for an offensive playmaker in the backfield. C.J. Spiller's still on the board and given a choice of the two, I'd probably take Spiller.

Matt McGuire is also going offensive tackle in round one (it seems to be the popular choice right now for the Seahawks considering all the injury issues at the position). It's another new name this time - Bryan Bulaga (OT, Iowa). Tomorrow I'll be watching four games one of which is Iowa against Northwestern. It'll be the second time I'll have a chance to watch Bulaga, my initial thoughts were that he's best suited to play right tackle in the NFL. McGuire pins the Seahawks down to take Ryan Mallett (QB, Arkansas) later in round one - a move I simply cannot see happening.

Scott Wright goes in a different direction, giving Seattle C.J. Spiller as early as the 12th overall pick. That's a bit of a reach but if the team did want Spiller badly enough, they might have to take him in that range. I don't think he'll last deep into the 20's like some people are predicting - he's an explosive playmaker in a year that's lacking at the offensive skill positions. The Seahawks select USF safety Nate Allen late in round one - an even bigger reach.

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Anonymous said...

I really respect Rob Rang, but how in the world can he justify Colt McCoy being a top 10 pick?

I honestly have not seen one skill of McCoy's that translates to a top 64 pick (first 2 rounds).

His mobility is overrated as a majority of his runs are designed. He has limited arm strength as masked by 75% of his passes being within 7 yards of the line of scrimmage. His accuracy is totally overrated due to short passes. Not to mention, if you watch his short passes, they are actually quite poor in regards to placement. Plays in a gimmicky system that the NFL has seen countless QBs fail to transition from. And, he comes from a conference in which playing defense is completely optional.

I don't want to trash McCoy, but how in the world would the Hawks take a huge gamble on McCoy when Haden, Morgan, Okung, Spiller, Brown, heck even Dez Bryant are available.

Haden would be a beast in the secondary. Morgan could help the pass rush. Okung could strengthen the line. Spiller could provide a much need HR threat that can do everything. Charles Brown could be a perfect fit for ZBS. Dez Bryant could be a nice big body WR to pair with speedy Butler for the future (I know there's a lot of money at WR, but I think the Hawks need to go after the best talent). Instead, he has us taking a complete gamble on a guy who plays a position that is the toughest to transition to and we don't even know if he can take a snap under center.

Sorry for the little rant, but at this point, the Seahawks need to be getting the best available talent in the draft. If they fall in love with a QB leading up to the draft, so be it. That said, we can't just be drafting a guy like Colt McCoy because we need a QB and go into panic mode.

There are plenty of holes on the Hawks roster that are only getting bigger due to age and injury. It's time to make sure that we are drafting the best possible talent that ensures a bright future. Keep up the great work Rob and Kyle.

P.S. Can we please get rid of TR. I am really wanting us to build a strong football team not a humanitarian foundation.

Rob Staton said...

Completely agree on Colt McCoy. Not sure where that pick came from - as you say McCoy really isn't top ten material... I wouldn't take him in round five. He's small, he makes bad reads, he very rarely throws deeper than 5-6 yard short routes and when he does his accuracy is all over the place. He put up huge numbers as a system QB last year, but this year his stats are nowhere.