Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Seahawks would be picking fifth, NOT sixth

Yesterday I mentioned that if the season finished now, the Seahawks would probably be picking sixth overall. Well, as expected, my bad mathematics let me down because actually they would own the fifth selection in the 2010 draft. Five teams share a 3-7 record in the NFL, but Seattle would be the first to choose due to strength of schedule. Their second first rounder, courtesy of Denver, would be 23rd overall.


Anonymous said...

Rob, I hope that we are not picking that high. Top 5 picks aren't necessarily a blessing because they demand so much money for a rookie. At the same time, we'd be picking earlier in every round that follows, so it is a two edged sword. Taking a QB at that "price" would guarantee that Hass would be playing his last season in Seattle. We couldn't afford both he and that #5 pick on the roster for more than one season, uncapped or not. And who will we hand the keys to the franchise to? Clausen, Bradford or Locker? I don't have a high confidence level in any of them. That is a risky proposition and Ruskell as we all know is risk-averse. If we could engineer a trade down to 14, garnering additional picks in the 2nd (46)and 3rd (78), that would be beautiful. My wet dream would be Derrick Morgan (DE) at 14, CJ Spiller (RB/WR) at 22 (20 touches per game including rushing, receiving and returning), Nate Allen (FS) at 37, Perrish Cox (CB) at 46, Tyson Alualu (DT) at 78, Sean Canfield (QB) at 101, Marcus Easley (WR) at 133 and Leigh Tiffin (K) at 165. In addition, for more immediate help on the defense, I hope we land Richard Seymour and move Mebane back to 1-tech. You'll notice no O-lineman. First, I believe with more time playing together we have the pieces on the roster. Second, we've invested higher draft picks in our O-line than all but a handful of teams. I thought the opposite was true until I researched it. Among the 12 best O-lines in the NFL (sacks, rushing yd/gm, subjective), only Dallas and the Jets have invested higher picks on average than the Seahawks. I was stunned. Most teams are starting one or more UFA's. I'd like to see Frye given another shot at LT, Locklear at RT, Willis at RG, Unger at LG and Spencer re-signed to play C. Sorry for the novel.

Rob Staton said...

Some very interesting thoughts there. I completely agree about top five picks and we've seen what little benefit it's had to the Rams picking that high every season despite them generally making what many considered to be solid selections (Long, Smith).

Last year was seen as a rare chance for the Seahawks to add a top young talent, it sounds good on paper but you don't want to make a habit of it.

If they did end up picking fifth overall, the silver lining is that the odds are they'd have a shot at one of the top d-lineman. Unless the top four guys on my rankings went 1-4, they'd be able to tap into that quality. If that did happen, they'd almost be forced to ask the question of whether Sam Bradford is a legitimate long term franchise quarterback. In all honesty, I think there's some real quality at the very top of this draft (eg picks 1-3) then there isn't much to choose between picks 5-18. With that the case, is it best to save money and pick later or guarantee you get the guy you want?

You also make a fair comment regarding the O-line. I don't think it's the be all and end all some fans do and that the Seahawks have to feel handcuffed into taking an expensive rookie there. It's not always the answer, especially in a weaker class at OT.

Having said that, I've been less than impressed with Locklear at LT. Is he rusty? Will he get better? I hope so, but not a good start these last two weeks. Will they re-sign Sims and Spencer? If not, do you move Unger to center? Who plays LG? What will they do in free agency?

If Rodney Hudson declares, he has to be on their radar. He's a first round talent and could even play OT. Apart from that, I don't think they should reach to take any tackle (Charles Brown is my favorite) but it certainly has to be considered a position of need.

Anonymous said...

What hapen to locker. i want him on the seahawks. haselbeck cant run

Michael said...

QBs do not run they pass. Manning does not run, Rothlesburger and Brady do not run, McNabb used to run then got smarter. Vince Young runs. If a QB has great feet, I think they fail to develop great pocket presence. Jack of all trades and master of none.

Michael said...

I do agree however that the Hawks can succeed getting OT and OGs in the second round. If a stud LT is there then we should get him but we could easily trade down or get the best DL on the board when we pick. We just need to pick the right guy.