Saturday, 21 November 2009

Saturday reaction on the way

I've got five games on the schedule this weekend, including a recording of Oklahoma State from Thursday night (a chance to review Russell Okung). I'll be watching Nebraska again too, so another chance to watch Ndamukong Suh - the number one senior by quite some distance. I'm commentating on an English soccer game this afternoon on the south coast, meaning a five hour drive home after it's finished. When I get back I'll get straight to the game tape with reaction to come later on Saturday. In the meantime, check out Rob Rang's latest mock draft on CBS Sportsline.


1stHill said...

One player that is worth watching is Nebraska senior safety Larry Asante (jersey #4). He has good size (6-1 215 lbs), very good speed & acceleration, changes direction fairly smoothly, and makes some big hits. While he is not a 1st or 2nd round guy, he could possibly be a good mid-round selection for the Seahawks.

Anonymous said...


I just don't see us picking Colt McCoy...ever, let alone in round one.


kearly said...

regarding Rang's mock-

If the Seahawks passed on Bradford to select Okung, I think my head would explode. Even worse, he has Bradford going to Denver.

kearly said...

Regarding McCoy:

Opinions vary. I know Mr. Stanton and Mr. Rota aren't McCoy's biggest fans, but John Morgan at fieldgulls evaluated McCoy as a rich man's Jeff Garcia. Garcia may not have a mountain of talent but had a very respectable NFL career especially when in the WCO.

McCoy will probably be a late-1st or early 2nd pick. If the Seahawks think McCoy is their guy, they'll probably have to pick him with Denver's pick because McCoy very well may not last until the Seahawks 2nd round pick.

I don't think I agree with Rang's mock though, where the Seahawks pass on a blue chip QB prospect and pick up McCoy later, although sadly that does sound like something Ruskell would do (ugh).

Brendan Scolari said...

John Morgan didn't evaluate McCoy, he simply looked at his college numbers. And calling him (in Morgan's words) "Jeff Garcia ++" was ridiculous. Garcia was an All-Star caliber player, McCoy will be lucky to come anywhere near Garcia's level. I don't see him going near the first round regardless.

Rob Staton said...

I've just got home from a long couple of days working. The weather was horrendous for the last two days - torrential rain and strong winds. Not easy trying to call a soccer game live on the radio when you're sat in a monsoon!

Just put on the Colorado vs Oklahoma State tape from Thursday to have a look at Russell Okung. I've got Michigan vs Ohio state saved too and am currently recording LSU vs Ole Miss. I will have the tape of Nebraska tomorrow as well as Oregon vs Arizona.

1st Hill - I'll keep an eye out for Asante and have something on the blog asap.

Re: Colt McCoy. I wouldn't touch him in the first two rounds. I wouldn't touch him in rounds 3-4 either. Jeff Garcia? Not exactly.

The problem with McCoy is he doesn't throw anything other than short 5-6 slants and bubble screens. Even then, he has a tendency to make awful reads and when Jordan Shipley isn't open, he usually just tucks and runs. He can't do that in the NFL, he's not that much of an athlete. When he throws deeper than 10 yards, his accuracy is appalling. He plays in a system that enhances his numbers but his numbers aren't all that great this year. Who have Texas faced in 2009? An Oklahoma team without two of it's best players is just about it, their schedule has a LOT of walk overs.

I'm very confident, incredibly confident, the Seahawks won't touch Colt McCoy in round one.

bob said...

Not interested in Asante. Trust me. He only looks good b/c he's got a DL who doesn't make him cover for very long.

Rob Staton said...

Thanks bob, I know you've seen a lot of Nebraska so appreciate the heads up.