Saturday, 28 November 2009

My weekend so far

I thought I'd share my weekend with you. It started with a five hour drive to commentate on the English Championship (that's the division below the Premier League). The game kicks off and it starts to rain.... and rain. The game was abandoned after 60 minutes because of the monsoon that had arrived, so then it was back on the road for another five hour drive home.

I've just got back and decided to watch some college football to unwind. I recorded the Clemson vs South Carolina game, ready to watch C.J. Spiller in action. It took him all of one second to have an impact, returning the opening kick off for a TD. I'll have some reaction to the rest of his performance as soon as possible, as well as reaction to Florida vs Florida State and Notre Dame vs Stanford (the two other games I have recorded). I've already got Texas vs Texas A&M and Alabama vs Auburn saved for later in the week.


Michael said...

Perhaps I am a negative Nelly, but I'm watching the Georgia - Georgia Tech game, and Morgan is getting blown off the ball. His game reminds me of Tapp. Good pass rusher, no base.

Rob Staton said...

I haven't got access to that game Michael, so I can't comment personally. I've made no secret of my appreciation for Morgan, but I'm willing to review that judgement upon further evidence. I've seen Morgan blow past people and create the kind of relentless pass rush Seattle's been lacking this year. I've also seen him blocked out of plays by C.J. Spiller. I need to find out which is more relevant.

Rob Staton said...

On a side note, I've just heard the term 'pseudo-turnover' used in the Clemson/South Carolina game and kind of liked it.

Todd said...

Any thoughts on grabbing Gerhart from Stanford in the second round. He seems like a better compliment for Forsett and Rankin. He'd be the bruiser on running downs and let J-Force be the primary third down back. Adding a guy like Spiller wouldn't do much for us near the goal line and on third and short situations as much as Gerhart.

Charlie said...

After watching him in today's game, I'm beginning to think Gerhart might be taken somewhere in the first round. Whoever takes him, I hope they don't try to convert him into a fullback. That would be a shame. He's an awesome tailback.

Clausen also looked ready to step up into the pro's.

Steve in Spain said...

Rob, have you had a chance to see any of Ciron Black this year? His is a name I've had filed away as a prototypical Ruskell pick: four-year starter in the SEC with by all accounts a high character (son of two ministers, hangs out with kids with leukemia, a team leader). If he'd gone out last year he might have been a first-rounder but it seems his stock has taken a tumble because he can't handle the edge rush.

Do you see him landing in the NFL as a tackle or a guard? Where is his draft value? A fit for the ZBS?

Thanks for all your great work

Rob Staton said...

I'm just about to watch Gerhart's tape against Notre Dame so I'll have some thoughts on him later.

Steve - I'm not a fan of Ciron Black. I think he was a bit over rated last year and since then his stock has just plummeted. I think he'll have to adjust to guard in the NFL and even then, you're talking something like a 4th rounder project at best.

Kyle wrote this report on Black earlier in the year:

Michael said...

Ciron Black will be lucky to be drafted in the 4th round. He is 2010's Duke Robinson. Barksdale, LSU's RT will be drafted before Black, if he declares.

Anonymous said...

I really like Gerhart but there is no chance he is worth a first or high second rounder. Not trying to downplay his ability but there are a lot of big bodied RBs who can be had later in the draft. RBs (especially nowadays) drafted in the top 50 picks are either complete backs or bring something truly unique to the table as in electrifying speed/big play ability.

I'd much rather have a combo of Spiller or Best and Ben Tate over Justin Forsett and Toby Gerhart. Like Rob has constantly preached, it doesn't matter how talented the O-line is if you don't have anybody to keep the defense honest. Yes, a good O-line can make an average RB better, but that doesn't prevent the Defense from stacking the box. Guys like Forsett are nice compliment/3rd down RBs, but in no way do they make DCs gameplan for them.

The Hawks simply need the best talent in the draft because we are not a good team and are clearly on the down and out. Whether it be offense or defense, we need players that force opposing teams to contstantly keep an eye on them.

Every top notch NFL team has a difference maker (usually more than just 1) on their roster that forces the other team to gameplan around them. Look at the Hawks roster and you will find nobody. Perhaps Curry can become that player in the future but as of right now, no opposing team is worried about Julius Jones or Housh or Lawrence Jackson or Leroy Hill. It's time to take some chances on potential difference makers rather than a "vanilla" player who is a better humanitarian than football player.

Rob Staton said...

I'm most way through the Stanford vs Notre Dame tape - but taking a break to watch the Seahawks beat the Rams.

Gerhart's fun to watch but there's no way he's a first or second round pick. He takes what he's given, but hasn't got a burst of speed to get to the edge or that ability to make a guy miss. In all honesty, he might have some success in a run heavy offense that uses multiple backs (eg Baltimore). I'd put him in the fourth round bracket.