Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Defensive backs, Tebow and Golden Tate


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, what do you think of Carlton Mitchell from USF. He reminds me a lot of Brandon Marshall which I think fits Jim Bates big man bill.

I think that he would have been the first WR taken next year had he not declared this year.



He doesn't look afraid to take a hit and seems to have some field speed. I think it would be better to trade down on that second pick, grab and offensive lineman or Defensive tackle and then draft Carlton with the pick we gain from the trade down. He is a great late second early third round value. He could be something special for years to come.

I hear that he doesn't have the same character concerns as Marshall and is a team leader. He is quite the capable blocker as well.

Anonymous said...

How about Taylor Price of Ohio. He is a fast WR with decent size. I think he fits Bate's bill for a fast WR to complement the big possesion reciever.


Once again, a good value at the bottom of the second round to the top of the fourth round.

Kip Earlywine said...

How can you not love Tim Tebow? His work ethic and humility is really something, especially when you realize that this is a guy that should have the world's biggest ego given his status as a college football legend.

Obviously, Tebow has a lot of issues, but if the Seahawks ended up drafting him somehow, I think I've reached the point where I'd refrain from throwing furniture. Instinctively, you should never bet against someone with talent that is giving 110% to better themselves. If he continues to work this hard for 2 years, it wouldn't shock me at all if he became an adequate starting NFL QB, which is actually a pretty valuable thing.

JJ Honeycutt said...

I agree with Kip. This kid has huge potential with the right QB coach.

Kip Earlywine said...

I just noticed that in the Kiper/McShay lab segment they rolled LB into the DB segment even though they didn't talk about any (Rolando McClain was #3 on both their boards). Again, I don't get this. Maybe they're in a hurry? Because you shouldn't compare LB against CB and S.