Thursday, 25 February 2010

Seahawks met with Charles Brown

Danny O'Neil from the Seattle Times reports that Alex Gibbs interviewed Charles Brown (OT, USC) yesterday. Not sure how many players the Seahawks have met with, but Brown was one of them.


Ben said...

They also met with Iupati, according to Sando.

Nick said...

Some juicy gossip. Schefter says that the Rams will draft Bradford but also says that he hasn't spoken with them about it.

Nick N.

Rob Staton said...

Not surprised. St. Louis absolutely needs a QB and if they think Bradford is a potential franchise QB - decision over. It doesn't matter how good Suh/McCoy are. The Rams need a QB more than anything else. If they come out of this draft with a QB and a legit target (like Gresham or LaFell at #33) they'll have a major upgrade on offense. They already have a half decent line that will get better and a very good running back.

Nick said...

The Rams may try to trade for a QB. One name bandied about is Jason Campbell, but I don't see that happening. I don't see the Skins moving Campbell before the draft because it forces them to draft a QB. That would cause teams to jump in front of the Skins to get their QB of choice, forcing the Skins to try trade up too. Keeping Campbell gives the Skins more flexibility and if they end up drafting a QB, they can trade Campbell after or keep him as a placeholder.

Nick N.

Rob Staton said...

I think the Rams will only trade for a QB either as a.) a short term stop gap so they don't have to start a guy like Bradford right away or b.) if they can somehow acquire a Kevin Kolb type who can be a long term option.

The second suggestion is hugely unlikely. The first is more likely. I could see the Rams giving Philly a late round pick for Michael Vick and still drafting Bradford. For me, they have to find a long term solution at QB. Drafting Suh will receive wide spread congratulations by the so-called experts. But then, they apparently did the right thing passing on Matt Ryan to take Chris Long and passing on Sanchez to take Jason Smith. Eventually, they aren't going to pass on a QB for that higher ranked lineman. I'm loathe to say Suh would be an expensive luxury for a team like the Rams, but I think he might be. He won't make them competitive. They need to invest in a QB. If Bradford isn't the guy, or Clausen, fair enough. But you better believe that's the case.

Ben said...

I think the ownership change may temper the need to draft a QB.Kayan strikes me as the type of guy with really strong opinions about things. I don't see the Rams making such a franchise-altering commitment without his approval. He may certainly buy into the current direction of the club, but I don't see them drafting a QB early if Khan wants a different direction. if they want to hedge their bets, the rams could certainly sell their fans on a Pennington/Colt/Suh combo as the "smart" choice and pick up a franchise guy next year ( after the rest of the team is in place).

Ben said...

And its not that I think St. Louis shouldn't draft Bradford, but rather that they may want to hit the reset button with the change in ownership. Drafting McCoy/Tebow in the second and picking up a vet (Pennington/Vick/etc) buys them a year or two before they really have to worry about they really have to commit a high pick to a franchise QB. Vick could win them a couple of games (a clear improvement over the past two years) and they can point to McCoy/Tebow as a the QB of the future (whether that is true or not). Picking Suh or McCoy is "building around the QB"/"building from the inside out"/"building in the trenches". If Khan wants a new regime in a year or two, the slate would be relatively clear for a new FO to draft a new franchise QB high in the 1st.

Michael said...

I have to disagree with Ben (even though I agree he makes good points.) The Rams have lost 200 million in value over the last few years and the new owner invested 100s of millions in getting control of the team. NOTHING gets a fan base excited like a new "stud" QB. Gotta sell those PSLs and gotta sell out home games. Draft another DT and you get Unhappy fans and a cost structure that does not make sense. I think both Bradford and Clausen will be gone in the top 5 picks because of the money involved with top 5 picks.

The Seahawks will get to pick from some premium non-QB talent at 6.

Mike Kelly

Steve in Spain said...

I wanted to pass on a great link for anyone who hasn't seen it. It's a summary of a talk that Rams GM Billy Devaney had with 25 Rams fans in a sports bar last Wednesday. It's full of juicy stuff about the Rams, last year's draft and this one. Like this:

"25) Sam Bradford - ... You can tell that billy either REALLY likes him or is putting on one heck of a smokescreen to a room full of 25 guys at jbucks. The knocks on sam that billy gave were: 1) Medical obviously, said they will trust their own doctors. Complimented Dr. Andrews but said he was bias obviously. 2) Lack of pressure in college - but then went on to say: "but I went back and watched that byu game before he went down, and he was getting his rear kicked all over the field - and he got up every time before that last hit."

Devaney also says that last year they were targeting Shonn Greene in the 3rd and that there must have been a leak because the Jets swooped up right above the Rams and snatched him away. This year he says complementary running back is a priority in the second round.

Anyway, check out the full text, it's one of the better reads I've had in a while:

Rob Staton said...

Thanks for the link, Steve.

Ben - I think the Rams absolutely need to invest at the top end on a long term QB. I don't think they can afford to take on a major project (Tebow) or a guy like McCoy who isn't a NFL QB. That franchise will never recover without a QB.

Ben said...


I don't think that the Rams would win with McCoy/Tebow, but that they might not want to grab the franchise QB until the future ownership (Khan) decides where he wants to take the franchise. The only problem with stalling is that the fanbase needs to see wins/improvement or rebuilding or they will stop showing up. If they grab a McCoy or a Tebow, they could sell them to the fans as the "QB of the future" without making a huge investment in the position. They could also sell the low investment in the QB position as a "smart" decision (citing the examples of Brady/Hasselbeck vs Leaf/Mirer). If Khan wants to clean out the FO/coach next year or the year after to bring in "his guy", he won't be left with a young QB on the books due a lot of money.

Its kind of cynical ploy, but I don't think it would be hard to sell to the fans (Vick+Tebow=excitement), the coach (dude can't hate drafting Suh) or the FO.