Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Mayock on defensive tackles

By Rob Staton
It's well publicised that this is a good year for defensive tackles in the draft. Mike Mayock at NFL Network takes a look at some of his favorites and also discusses why he has Gerald McCoy ahead of Ndamukong Suh in his rankings.


CLanterman said...

This is a good year for DTs. It makes me think that perhaps with that 14th pick, instead of taking Brian Price, we should try to trade down to 24 or so and get Charlie Brown and see if we can get LeMarr Houston or Alualu with the pick we get from trading down. I think the dropoff from Price to Houston is not nearly as great as it is from Bulaga to Jason Fox/Capers.

Rob Staton said...

There's essentially two lines of thinking - either there will be a rush on the position early and we'll see guys over drafted... or there's going to be great depth at the position in rounds 2-3. It's a difficult one to guage right now, we'll know more after the combine.

Brown has a lot to gain from a good combine - showing up in Indy just above the 300lbs mark and performing well. He's a player I like a lot - he's the best option for Seattle's scheme. He could be a top twenty pick.

CLanterman said...

That's a good point, we might just have to 'bite the bullet' and draft Brown at 14, though I have to imagine Davis or Campbell or Bulaga would then be available at 25 then, though of those three, I only like Davis.

I'm surprised Mayock put Odrick 3rd. It's always hard to tell with those 3-4 ends and the transition to the 4-3 tackle. I also found it weird that he said he just started looking at tape on Price. Shouldn't he have been looking at tape all year long?

c-hawker said...

Now we're talking.some good stuff there,guy's.
My line of thinking....

Kip Earlywine said...

Mayock didn't even have Price in his top 5 a week ago, to the shock of many. Now we know its because he just now watched some tape on him. I shouldn't make fun of Mayock, but that doesn't look too good, at least for a guy with his reputation. I have a lot of respect for Mayock and I think his rankings will probably be more accurate in a couple months.

I really strongly disagree with putting Odrick in the top 5, and I definitely wouldn't put Williams ahead of Price. Williams is over-rated but I get why he's being talked about as a mid-1st rounder because he's reliable and appeals to both 3-4 and 4-3 teams. Odrick I don't get at all. He's not especially dominating and his ability to make tackles is amazingly awful.

To Mayock's credit, his blurb about Alualu "playing out of position" at Cal was interesting.