Saturday, 13 February 2010

NFL Network on the draft

By Rob Staton
The NFL Network has shifted some attention to the draft this week, with less than a fortnight until the scouting combine. Mike Mayock, Charles Davis, Michael Lombardi and Jason La Canfora discuss the different positions and what's on offer in this year's class. I've linked to the video clips below:

Top five discussion (Lombardi, La Canfora)
Quarterbacks (Lombardi, Davis)
Running backs (Lombardi, Davis)
Wide receivers (Lombardi, Davis)
Defensive lineman (Mayock)
Linebackers (Lombardi, Davis)
Cornerbacks (Lombardi, La Canfora)
Myron Rolle: Draft Journey

Just a couple of notes: Dexter McCluster is not a wide receiver. When he was played at receiver for Ole Miss in 2009, he struggled badly. His route running is abysmal and it didn't help Jevan Snead early in the year that his best playmaker was being asked to do too much - he isn't going to be a Percy Harvin type like Houston Nutt hoped. When his role was scaled right down to a pure running back, he had a lot of success. I don't think he can do that same role in the NFL at 165lbs, which is why talk of him as a second round pick is way wide of the mark. He's a late rounder for me.

Secondly, Jonathan Dwyer is not a beast.


Anonymous said...

Dez Bryant? Are you high?

Please, share some of whatever you have with me, humor me on how the hell you come to the conclusion the Seattle Seahawks are going to pick a Wide Receiver with the No. 6 pick.

I would be willing to make a bet with you on any item, or any amount of money the Seattle Seahawks do not pick Dez Bryant, or a WR with either of their first round picks, are you game?

Rob Staton said...

The object of my mock drafts are to cover all eventualities. I've had the Seahawks taking a number of prospects at #6 and #14. The fact of the matter is, nobody is truly sure how the new regime will look to use those two first round picks and the selectio at #40.

The reason why I suggested Dez Bryant in the latest projection was using the line of thinking that the new regime would look to invest one of those three early picks in a playmaker on offense. This isn't a deep draft for those X-factor type prospects, but those who are expected to go early (Bryant, Spiller) are still there at #6. Being able to draft a defensive lineman and offensive tackle later due to greater depth at those positions makes a playmaker early more justified.

Now - I'm not a huge Dez Bryant fan. People who I trust say he's an upgrade on Michael Crabtree, but I'm not convinced. However, this isn't a mock based on what I think should happen. It's based on what could happen.

I have absolutely no doubt what so ever that the Seahawks won't be satisfied with what they have in terms of playmaker options. It's important to remember that Burleson is a free agent and Branch seems destined to leave at some stage. You don't go into 2010 relying on Houshmandzadeh, Butler and Obomanu at receiver. I don't expect the Seahawks to draft a running back early - that's not what Alex Gibbs teams have done in the past. Baring that in mind, I had the Seahawks adding a legitimate top ten pick at receiver. Bates/Carroll have used that type of bigger receiver who is capable of getting downfield at both USC and Denver.

The alternatives could be, in this scenario - Jimmy Clausen (I chose to represent this mock with him suffering a fall, which could happen. If the Seahawks believe he is a franchise QB, he's absolutely the pick instead - but that'll be debated until April 22nd) and Joe Haden (a guy I like a lot, could be a possibility).

I hope this satisfies your request for reasoning as to why I made this suggestion in my latest mock. But rest assured, Seattle's offensive production will not rest solely on their ability to draft a rookie offensive lineman early in round one. They need to find some playmakers - they will consider wide receivers early in this draft and future drafts. Doesn't mean it will happen, but in February my mocks are designed to create discussion, not predict a future we cannot realistically imagine before even the combine.

Anonymous said...

I watched two of Bryants games last year, and he was a man among boys. I think he is a supersized Anquoin Boldin with better hands. Not as fleet as Fitzgerald, but clearly better than Crabtree. That said, he missed the year. He should drop a little. I'd love to see him at 14, but not 6. I'd rather see Bryant than Spiller, and there aren't any other playmakers in the top 14. At 6, you have to go BPA. I hope it's Haden or Berry. One of them should be available. I'm sure Suh and McCoy are gone, probably Davis, maybe Okung, maybe Bradford. One of either Berry or Haden should still be there.

JohnnyB said...

I'm starting to think maybe they'll go with Haden at 6 if they don't get a defensive lineman. Yeah, they could get a playmaker there too, if so, I favor Spiller. But one very good Dlineman could make all the difference for the defense. Maybe McCoy will fall? Anyway, if one of those DTs don't fall, or if they don't see a DE worth #6, the next most logical pick is if there is a CB worth a #6 and that could only be Haden, especially since they favor his brand of CB. DLs and CBs are the two positions you need high draft picks for.

Kip Earlywine said...

Boy, I normally don't disagree with Mayock very much, but a lot of his lists early this year have me scratching my head. He didn't have Price on his top 5 DTs until just recently (at #5), and now he doesn't have Damian Williams on his top 5 WR. Maybe east coast bias?

Kip Earlywine said...

Ok, maybe not West Coast bias... he has Ryan Matthews (Fresno State) as the #2 RB, which is insane. I've noticed he has a lot of Pac-10 players much lower than other experts do. So maybe its just Pac-10 bias, or he's getting to his Pac-10 tapes last.

c-hawker said...

Best value is named Haden...

Anonymous said...

Hayden is best in man coverage, and I've read that when he struggles - it's against big receivers. Pass...

c-hawker said...

See; Bama,LSU, and Georgia. Handled those receivers pretty well.